Wednesday, 2 January 2019


Remember all that panic and fuss about Y2K? Was that really nineteen years ago? Crikey!
Twenty nineteen is definitely here, and it's time to look forward to the year ahead.
My New Year Resolutions? Well, if I tell you, I'll have to make sure I complete them, so by keeping secret I have a way out. But I do have a list of Hopes and Possibilities.
  • I'll be peeling potatoes and mashing turnips and heating up the haggis as usual for the Robbie Burns Night in January. DONE. The Robbie Burns Night was a great success, and the potatoes and turnips were delicious, of course.
  • I'm taking an acrylic art course on Wednesday evenings for the next 8 weeks. I'm hoping for some improvement with my ideas, designs, colour management, brush work.... well, improvement in everything really. DONE. or at least started.
  • Planning to go to Aquafit at the local pool. First I have to pick up the weekly swimming schedule to find out the days and times. DONE. Picked up the schedule but haven't gone to Aquafit yet.
  • If I'm going to Aquafit, I'll need a new swimsuit. The necessary elastic has definitely lost it's reliability in the current model.
  • Drink more water. Not at Aquafit though.
  • Summer holiday? Lots of possibilities. Rent a cottage on a lake? I've always fancied a trip to Iceland. Perhaps this is the year. Or Britain to visit cousins?
  • Walk more, and use the car less.
  • I want a robot vacuum cleaner. Any recommendations?
  • Finish a quilt that I started 18 months ago. DONE! Finished.
  • Finish another quilt that I started 14 years ago. (Don't hold your breath on that one.)
  • I'm thinking about a renting a plot in the community vegetable garden. But that sounds like hard work, all that digging and weeding. The jury's still out on that one.
Happy New Year to my Blog friends.... and keep Blogging despite all the competition from the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. and all those other social media thingummyjigs that I have no idea how to use.


  1. I went to a Scottish themed New Year's Eve party here, and described haggis to someone else. He made a face as I described it.

    No, I have never eaten it and will not do so!

    1. It's best eaten in very small quantities surrounded by potatoes, turnips, peas, roast beef and gravy!

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Shammy! It appears you are going to have a very busy 2019. That's good and should keep you out of trouble! Heh, heh!

  3. "Walk more, and use the car less."
    I actually drove the car to the mailboxes that are only a few houses down.
    I'm not that terrible really, but the sidewalks and road were icy, and I thought it a good idea to drive the car even that short distance.

  4. You have a nice list there. I should make a list also. We (me and Mr. husband) always plan on going to the gym as always and hope that our bodies won't give up soon. Wishing a happy 2019!

  5. Busy, busy, busy.
    I muddle along rather than make resolutions or plans.
    Good luck with all of yours. And I do look forward to seeing more of your art.

  6. Hope it’s a great year for you, Shammicktite.

  7. Happy New Year and enjoy all your planned activities. Whatever the year has in store for us, I hope I am there to see it. That's my resolution

  8. Hope you have a great year ahead.

  9. And a very special Happy New Year to you too.
    I love your New Year Possibilities...that's the perfect way to think.
    I do hope you can do some of them and share especially the results of the acrylic class.
    Maybe I will come up with some "Possibilities" myself...
    Now let me think...

  10. You are funny! You started a "new" quilt 14 years ago? That's about the time we moved to Ocala from South Florida! Have you completed any of your "possibilities" as yet?

    1. I picked up the Aquafit schedule and I drank some water, at least that's a start!

  11. Happy New Year Shammi, there are at least five things on your list that are also on mine, not including quilting or anything to do with haggis 😀 Being a Scot I've attended many a Burns night, at one time could have recited the ode to the wee timerous beastie off pat 😀 That's a tres impressive 2018 book list you had there, that's one for my list.. make time to read more!

  12. Best wishes for your planned activities. My adult children have appreciated using their robot cleaners — so you may, too, if you decide to get one.


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