Sunday, 16 June 2019

My Dad

Happy Father's Day to all the very special Dads out there.

Brand new Dads; men who will be Dads soon; men who one day hope to be Dads; step Dads; foster Dads; the Dads who have lost children; the Dads we have lost; single Dads, married Dads; veteran Dads; novice Dads; all the Dads who love their children.... have a Happy Father's Day!

Here's my very special Dad.

I posted his life story here a few years ago.
He's been gone for many years now, but he is still loved and missed every day.


  1. While he is remembered he is not gone. A thought I cling to desperately some days.

  2. Great Father’s Day tribute.

  3. This post for your father is a great tribute.
    What wonderful photos.

  4. He liked sweaters.
    Love the pic in the car.

  5. Fantastic old black and white shots of your Dad Shammi, the best kind of treasure 💜

  6. Priceless photos of your Dad. I like the photo of him in the car.


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