Friday, 14 June 2019

Raptors Win!

I'm not normally a basketball fan, but everyone (well, let's just say an awful lot of people) in Canada has been swept up in the ride of the Toronto Raptors basketball team, the only NBA basketball team in Canada.
The Raps are on top of the basketball world today, defeating the mighty back-to-back champion  Golden State Warriors 114-110 in game 6 of the best of seven. And they did it in the Warrior's home arena in California.

Kawhi Leonard - MVP.       pic from CBC
Toronto Raptors have won the first NBA Championship outside the USA.
I watched the game at YoungerSon's house. It was a definite nailbiter at the end.... will they, or won't they? But yes, they did, and we cheered and jumped up and down with the rest of Canada.
Although the game was in California, more than 20,000 jubilant basketball fans watched the game on the big screens at "Jurassic Park" in downtown Toronto, and celebrated the win with confetti and fireworks. Celebrations went on well into the night. Game watching parties were held all over Canada, even in my small town where fans gathered at the local theatre to watch.
I think there's probably a definite lack of productivity at work in Toronto today.

Pic from CBC.
Go Raptors Go!


  1. I didn't watch the game, but last night when they won it, you could just hear the cheering and the car horns all around. So I knew that they'd done it.

  2. A big congrats to Toronto and Canada!

  3. There was much contagious fandom, and well-behaved for the most part from what I can gather.

  4. Parties were held here too. It’s all people talked about today. A change from hockey talk.

  5. Somehow basketball has never caught on as a sport in the UK. Neither has ice hockey or baseball for that matter. I wonder if Canadians are aware that they have a Rugby League team, Toronto Wolfpack, who play in the English league?

    1. Oh yes, my older son is a great supporter of the Wolfpack and goes to as many games played here as he can manage.


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