Friday, 5 July 2019


Just as the setting sun drops past the edge of the opposite hillside, the orange rays illuminate the trees in OlderSon's back yard. I saw the light from the window, and dashed outside with the camera. It didn't last long.... not even half a minute before the colours returned to normal.


  1. What an amazing capture of this ephemeral magic.

  2. Ann's Art couldn't leave a comment but sent me this message: "Absolutely love that photograph you captured. You must have been quick with your camera, I would have missed that moment of nature totally."

  3. Such a lucky catch! Beautiful!

  4. Stunning...I'm glad you captured it.

  5. I definitely was nice to have Snicker here for a few days but equally nice to have her go home to her own home, and us back to our own routines...(:0)
    No we didn't feel the earthquakes. Ridgeline is about 400 miles from us to the South.
    Some about 30 miles away said they felt some shaking.
    I think we are enough off the main fault line so it's highly unusual for us to have shakers.
    Hubby and I experienced many while we lived in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    I know the "big one" will be quite a rumbler but alls good for now.
    Thanks for asking.

  6. Great capture, it's beautiful.

  7. Oh wow! Well spotted Shammi, looks like the tree trunks are on fire 🔥

  8. Such a lucky! You captured it!!
    I thought, following the last post, the tree are burning.


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