Sunday, 1 September 2019

Music Selection

Happy September!
A visit to Fred's Record Store in St John's..... a selection of local music, including the late and great Ron Hynes. Never heard of him? He was regarded as one of Canada's premier singer-song writers, and many of his songs have become part of the fabric of Newfoundland culture. He was Newfoundland's poet. He passed away in 2015, far too soon.
But if you prefer your music live, a visit to the Rocket Bakery on Water Street on a Tuesday lunchtime.... traditional tunes being played around the table by some of St John's best known musicians.


  1. I’ve never been to Rocket. I will have to rectify that on my next visit to the province.

  2. The Rocket Bakery looks deservedly crowded with happy people.

  3. Music certainly makes the world a better place Shammi.. art too 😊

  4. Good music cooking in that bakery.

  5. I love Newfoundland, I spent two years there back in the early sixties. I'd love to go back - Recently had The Irish Descendants play here in our little town in Maine.
    the Ol'Buzzard

  6. Oh, how I would love to be at that Bakery for lunch. How delightful.
    I have not heard of the song writer...will look him up.

  7. Oh Shammie, I just read your comment on my blog...
    This makes me so sad.
    If we were closer I certainly would love to sip and chat with you.
    sometimes our friends can be so hurtful to our hearts.

  8. The rocket bakery looks like a fun place for music.


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