Friday, 13 September 2019

The Sports Report

Lots of action going on all summer, but sadly the warm weather sports are all coming to an end.
All four grandchildren played house league baseball this summer. The two older ones played hardball, the two younger ones played softball.
Grandie Isaac's team, the Pirates, got into the finals at the end-of-year tournament, but lost the final game 8-7.... but were doing really well catching up. One more innings would have seen them on top, I'm sure!
Isaac spent two weeks at a boys Sports Camp in July, and had a terrific time, and is already planning to go again in 2020. It was sports all day every day, just the sort of life he loves. Now he has to persuade Mum and Dad to pay for it!
In August the family met at the Rogers Centre (used to be called the SkyDome, I still can't get used to the new name) for a Blue Jays game. We got there early enough to watch batting practice for both teams, but even though the boys (both big and little) begged and pleaded, they didn't get any stray balls thrown their way.
We watched the Toronto Blue Jays play Atlanta, but unfortunately, the home team lost, and we left just before the end of the game, to avoid the traffic jams.  Our beloved Jays have not done well this year, lots of lost games, but just wait.... we are going to be a winning team to watch in a couple of years. That's my prediction!!
And with summer coming to an end, winter sport is getting started.  We went to the home opener ice hockey game for the Stouffville Spirit, the local Junior A OJHL team. After watching baseball all summer, a game that's mostly slow and sedate with moments of wild panic, I was surprised by how fast and furious ice hockey can be!  It was a great game, but unfortunately, ended with a loss for the home team.
All the grandies will be getting their hockey gear together ready for the season to start at the end of September... they will all be practicing and playing every weekend so I'll be spending lots of time in the local arenas.


  1. Congrats to the grandsons: sport is a school of life. Glad that they like to play many kinds of sport. My 2 older grandsons play football (soccer) even if I'd prefer rugby.

  2. All the dance classes have started here after a summer of soccer. Never an idle moment raising kids!

  3. Busy, busy, busy. The very best kind of busy.

  4. It's great that you experience all these great times together. They are priceless!

  5. I will always think of it as the Skydome. I hate corporate renaming of buildings.

  6. Super shots Shammi. Brought back so many memories of coaching and watching my son through his growing up years. T Ball, basketball, cricket, surfing comps. My daughter Aimee in the other hand was more artistic than sporty so it was more dancing, pottery making, art classes etc. I miss those years and now the grandchildren live in Sydney, so sad ✨

  7. Ah yes. JJ's hockey activities have begun, but I don't think we're close to games yet.

  8. I remember those days - of spending Saturday morning in the hockey arena. I love the summer activities too, but they're over now. Kids all back at school.


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