Tuesday, 24 April 2007


Breaking away from my Alphabet theme for a couple of posts.... It's rehearsal time for our annual Variety Show.... in fact we have been rehearsing since January, and only a few days left until SHOWTIME!

Dress rehearsal was last Sunday, another last minute rehearsal yesterday, and tonight we do our "Special Show" for seniors, nursing home residents and "special needs" people. I think this is the best show of all, we get such enthusiasm from the audience!

Here's our Blacklight drummer boy.....

and three of our chorus alto section.... that's me in the middle.

Of course, the chorus costumes have to show just the right amount of sparkle.....

... and here's our lead guitarist tuning up.

The dancers are awesome this year...

and they all gave me a wonderful surprise gift for my efforts at Chorus Choreography Director.

We have shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening... followed by cast parties every night.
The Space Cadet and the rest of the family will be in the audience on Friday night. No1Son and No2Son know that they'll be cut out of the Will if they don't show up.
A cast dinner follows the Saturday show, when we all pat ourselves on the back for a job well done, and awards are handed out.... Best dancer, Biggest comedy Ham, Worst Mistake etc.
Proceeds this year will be donated to YDAPA, a local youth musical theatre group.
Watch this space for photos of the show.... I wish you could all come to see it.


  1. This kind of community coming-together is always so much fun, but lots of work!

  2. How fun! I love local theatrical productions. I have a SIL and niece who are very involved in theater. Looking forward to more updates!

  3. Have the time of your life....this is a wonderful thing you are doing. Eager to see the pictures.

  4. This looks like so much fun! Hope all goes well!
    Break a Leg!!

  5. You said you wish we could all come and see it. I say I wish I could be in it! These things take a lot of time, but it looks like great fun. I feel sorry for those who live close by who do not take advantage of a good show.

  6. Lot of work but lot of fun too! I'll come back to see the photos of your show.

  7. I wish I could see it. Ihm. If the boys don't come and I do, do I get their part of the will ;) Just kidding. You guys are going to have a ball! Can't wait to see and read more about it.

    The cast evening is certainly going to be fun.

  8. Thanks for introducing yourself today. i love all that fun you are having and I wish I could come and join in too!

  9. How cool is that? The rehearsals are the most fun, aren't they? Then the excitment on the nights of the performances. And finally cast parties. Sounds like a fun time all around.

    I look forward to some photos of the dances.

  10. I love all the fun and creativity you are writing about in your posts;))

  11. Aren't Seniors the best for these shows! I worked with them for 2 years and love them to death. How fun for you to have this entertainment for YOU! :)


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