Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Go Leafs Go!

Since the arrival of the dreaded WalMart, many of the small stores on Main Street have converted to providing services such as lawyers, dentists, walk-in clinics, and hairdressers. But this hair salon is a little different.... not only do they beautify nails and hair, one window is completely devoted to Maple Leaf worship.

The salon owner must be a fan!

Toronto Maple Leafs were one of the "Original Six" ice hockey teams before the league expanded in the 1970s. Their big moment came when they beat their rivals, the Montreal Canadiens, to win the Stanley Cup in 1967.
The team has many thousands of fans collectively known as the "Leaf Nation" and a long waiting list for season's tickets. All home games are a sellout, in spite of the fact that they haven't won the championship in 42 years!
Win or lose, Toronto loves it's Maple Leafs!
And, yes, in case you thought I was making a spelling error, the plural of Leaf is Leafs!


  1. This Canuck knew better. The other head-scratcher for non-CanadiAns is the Montreal CanadiEns. ;)

    It's really sad how so many businesses have been lost to Walmart and others.

  2. How sad that Wal-mart has moved in.

    I think it's amazing that Torontonians support the Leafs even though they are ;-) (Don't tell anyone I said that. )

  3. Sad what happens to a little town when WallyWonderWorld arrives....great window display.

  4. Go Leafs Go - maybe this year will be their year. Who knows.
    My hubby is watching hockey and cheering "Go Habs Go!"

    Love the display.

  5. Börje Salming, Mats Lundin... :-)

  6. My husband has wondered aloud if the Leafs never winning the Stanley cup is my fault. The last season they won it was when I came to Canada. I think the next closest they came was 1994 when I went back to the UK briefly..LOL
    MY son is a die hard fan and won't hear a word said against them..!

  7. Love when everyone cheers for their team, win or loose.
    Good marketing for the salon to jump on the spirit bandwagon.

  8. GO LEAFS!

    sorry about the walmart--


  9. hurray for the Toronto Leafs.
    Go man go.

    btw. seems the winter will return the weekend to come. here in oslo, it's expected 15- 30 cm of fresh snow.

    I want spring and flowers, and no more snow

  10. NYC has been blocking WalMart from coming into the city but there are rumors that it may be arriving.

    Some of the giant superstores like the Virgin Superstore and Circuit City have gone belly up recently and NYC has a few huge retail spaces that needed to be filled.

  11. Sorry, I meant of course to write Mats Sundin!

  12. We have the same problem here with the dreaded 'Tesco'!

  13. i've always been confused about the leaf leafs leaves thing

  14. Uh-oh, Shammy I never knew you were a Leafs husband of 3 months is born and bred Canadiens-worshipper!

    The UK has the same problems with Walmart saturation, albeit under a different guise. Touring, I notice how sad it is that so many places look homogenised due to flat-pack malls.
    Support the local store! Shows selling good, am missing my Canadien/an though!

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