Thursday, 5 March 2009

Tea Party for One (and Update)

When I was little, Mum would let me play tea parties with this little tea set. There's a teapot with a lid, a tiny milk jug and a sugar bowl, one tea plate and one cup and saucer.
Under the teapot it says "Pekoe, England".

Each piece has the flags of Britain, Germany, Russia, and France, and the words "For Right and Freedom" on the front, and a symbolic crown on the reverse.
The horizontal white, blue and red bands of the Russian flag was used until the October 1917 Revolution, so I am assuming that this tea set was made before 1917.
But I wonder what event it commemorated?
Any ideas, anyone?

Blogger Xtreme English pointed out the error of my ways in confusing the German flag with the flag of Belgium. Germany has horizontal bands, Belgium has vertical bands. Of course, I knew that!
She also says this is WWI commemorative china showing the flags of England, Belgium, Russia, and France--the allies against Germany in WWI before America entered the war. A lot of this china was made in about 1914. Thanks M.E.!


  1. None.. but have you tried a Google search on that quote?

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  3. Sorry to have had to delete my last comment. It seemed to be mostly gibberish! (so what's new)

    That tea set is just darling and a wonderful memento of your Grandmother! I wonder if it could have been hers as a girl?
    Tea parties with my Gram are one of my favorite memories too...
    I hope you'll let us know if you find out more about your tea set

    Love your Calendar!

  4. It's a beautiful heirloom and great memories that go with it!

  5. These are a fabulous heirloom. I don't know what the quote means but it must have something to do with the Great War???

  6. it commemorated your childhood.

  7. No idea, but an interesting one to research. Yes, still blogging, albeit irregularly!!! Have taken some photos today in the hope of doing a post in a day or two!

    Sue x

  8. Well, that was easy! It is WWI commemorative china showing the flags of England, BELGIUM, Russia, and France--the allies against Germany in WWI before America entered the war. A lot of this was made in about 1914.

    I'm amazed at the pristine condition!

  9. Amazing that it is in such good condition still.
    I've bought china tea sets for my granddaughters, but they don't hold the same appeal to children now as they did to us. Maybe the next Grand baby will be a girl, and she will have tea parties with you..!

  10. Isn't it nice to be able to communicate like this and learn from each other?

  11. How gorgeous is this tea set! I had one when I was really young, and one of my biggest regrets is that I let my parents leave it behind in Cyprus when we hauled our lives back to the UK. It wasn't as good as this one, mind...

  12. I love that you still have this darling Tea Set....! How sweet and it's great that someone knew what it was...The Blog World Rocks!

    Baby Callum--ONE YEARS OLD! Time is flying!

  13. I have no idea but I bet my husband would know in a second. He knows this stuff.

    re: photos in Nyack--the parking authority people and all the city workers, bus drivers, cabbies, UPS drivers, business owners, many residents, etc...etc.. know me and are so used to me walking around snapping pics( I've been wandering around a very small area for years and years) I wave or say hello, sometimes they ask...hows the blog or hows the documentary on Nyack coming along? Sometimes they ask why I'm not taking their picture. I'd love to see some of the people in your neighborhood-- I liked the shots of you in the musical and at The Robbie Burns Dinner.

    I love taking pix of people

  14. It's in amazingly good condition! You must have been a very ladylike little girl for your mother to let you play with it. ;-)

  15. Aren't we always amazed at what our blogging friends can find out for us? This is a lovely tea set wherever it came from with whatever flags......:)

  16. Just catching up...

    I can't believe a year has passed already! Scary!

    Marmalade too, mmmmmmmmm

  17. It's nice to get our education, Sham. I have to do the same thing when I see the French and Netherlands flags...vertical vs. horizontal. :)


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