Sunday, 29 November 2009

Baking Day

Yesterday was a Baking Day:
Two sizes of Christmas cake and eight chicken pies.... one for dinner today, the other seven are already in the freezer.

Today the plan is to bake cookies.
But first I have to get all the yard waste bags out to the street for Monday morning pickup, and then reinforce my "skunk barrier" so Mr Skunk won't be able to spend the winter under my back porch, like he did last winter!
No peace for the wicked, as my mother used to say.

Update... later:

Four dozen almond crescents rolled in icing sugar.
I already ate two.


  1. They all look fantastic. Wish I was your next door neighbor. (I'd be over in a flash)

    Ha! My mother used to say "no peace for the weary ones"

    I'll be making my Dundee cakes next week.

    In answer to your questions,

    private yards,
    cast offs.
    unknown wooden bldg.

  2. Oh My Dear...those cookies look AMAZING-Melt-In-Your-Mouth...! YUMMMMMMYYY! I want one right now---or, maybe!
    And the chicken pies, too...You are a wonder!

  3. I love Christmas baking! Yum! Just curious - how do you make a skunk barrier? We have critters (mice or chipmunks) living behind our siding ending up somewhere in the walls. I hear their little claws scratching while we watch T.V. Not sure what to do about them.

  4. If I had been there, more than two would have disappeared!

  5. Two cookies? Umm, I'm doubting that ....sorry. As for those chicken pies, I'll take two please.

  6. The Christmas Cake - is it similar to fruitcake? I love fruitcake, and those look tremendous!

  7. You are so industrious! I haven't begun baking cookies yet!

  8. Did you mean that you ate TWO cookies or TWO DOZEN cookies? I love those so much and could never stop at two.

    Would love a recipe for those chicken pies. Yummy looking!

  9. Mmmmmm.... I would love to sample one of those almond crescents!!

  10. Oh yum that looks delicious.

  11. Okay....tell ya' what...if I rake a little can I have a sampling...please!

  12. A busy bee you are...gathering no moss! My mother used to get all her idioms mixed up since english was her second language, thus mine are also screwed up! Thank goodness for the internet so I can look up that you're a rolling stone gathering no moss, rather than a busy bee...which you are too, but that's its own idiom in and of itself.

  13. Oooooooooh, I want some of that almond crescents! They are some of the best cookies in the world!!

  14. Oh yum...those are some of my favorite cookies. I just can't get in the baking mood for some reason. Maybe once the decorations are up I will feel inspired.
    Hope your skunk barrier works. Not the best perfume for Christmas.

  15. Some good looking pies n cakes there me lady, and I thought you were busy at the theater.

  16. pie is good!

    but those almond crescents look DELICIOUS

  17. Those days will probably never happen for me again...baking goodies like this. I know...never say never. One never knows what might happen, now that I'm here in the Netherlands!!!

  18. Looks “delicieux” – wish I was there to try samples. One of my co-workers in San Francisco used to bring “tourtière” to us, which is a meat pie I guess. They were delicious. I have not had one or a homemade chicken pie for years. I am ready right now to eat one (did not have lunch today.)


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