Sunday, 1 November 2009

Shell Out, Shell Out, the Witches Are Out!

There were a lot of unusual goings on in the neighbourhood last night. Strange scary howling noises, and unnamed invisible things that go BUMP! in the night.
Witches and ghouls, goblins and ghosts were out enjoying their annual haunting.
But the cutest of all were these two....
Baby Isaac disguised himself as a furry cuddly beaver, complete with beaver teeth and a flat beaver tail at the back (sorry, no pics of the tail).... now, you can't get more Canadian than a beaver, right?

A slightly stunned 5 month old beaver, I have to admit. But very very sweet!

And his cousin Callum was as scary as can be dressed up as a magical green dragon. He had spikes on his head and neck and shiny green wings and a very scary spiky tail.

If this little green dragon came to your door, I bet you'd be scared out of your wits, especially when he demonstrated how a dragon can roar... or was that how a pumpkin can roar.... according to Callum, dragons and pumpkins make exactly the same noise.
You'd be compelled to put some chocolate in his bucket just to make him go away!

But it wasn't all furry animals that were haunting the neighbourhood. Aren't they scary???

And these undead visitors had me quaking in my shoes, they were so devilishly frightening!

And I still have some chocolate treats left over for me.... yum!


  1. Beavers are sweet? I'm not coming back to your country after seeing this and wondering what could have done such damage.

    Then I found one of these monsters!

  2. Sorry, the monster photo should have been this.

  3. Cute as can be! Really adorable, my dear!

  4. Oh my! I am smitten by little Callum in his dragon costume w/ his adorable little pout and all! And I was so tickled by Baby Isacc's beaver outfit I had to show Jimmy, too! Sounds like a frighteningly wonderful Halloween.

  5. Oh those kidlets are so adorable. Isaac looks a tad alarmed. Wooden chew?

    Dogbait's comments cracked me up. :)

  6. Oh, they're so cute!!! The part about the pumpkin and the dragon gave me a good laugh.

  7. Hilary, those awful monster photos from my previous comment were taken at Kouchibouguac National Park in New Brunswick

  8. I just wished we had that kind of tradition here. Though some do celebrate it and I hope it will spread out like wildfire in the near future.

    Awww they're just adorable! Happy Halloween btw.

  9. You were very brave indeed to open your door when these very scary critters rang your doorbell.

    Your grandkids are very, very cute!

  10. lovely! haven't seen kids at the door on halloween for years! callum is very smart to know that dragons and pumpkins make the SAME NOISE!! the little beaver looks like he misses his dam! so sweet.....

  11. Great neighborhood kids but the very best are the cute dragon and beaver. How delightful, proud Grandma.
    We had mostly older hauntings at our house but they were very polite monsters anyway.

  12. Not sure that Isaac and Callum felt quite comfortable... the slightly older kids defintely YES! Halloween may need some training and expereience? :-)

  13. Aaaww!
    How cute the boys look!
    For the first time ever we weren't actually home for Hallowe'en, and I really missed it!
    Glad you had treats left over..

  14. Awww, what little sweeties! I'm sure you were scared out of your mind. LOL. I think that dragons and pumpkins can make the same noise, why not?
    Looks like you had a fun Halloween. Glad you saved some treats for yourself.

  15. I have one of those designer shopping bags I could send you, need a mailing address though.


  16. Ohhhhhh. They're both growing up before our very eyes, Sham. How adorable. Aanbiddelijk, in Dutch!


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