Friday, 19 February 2010

Kittysitting Duties

The nice people who live next door have gone to chase the sunshine in Florida for a couple of golf-filled weeks, and have left me in charge of their three furry friends.

Bobby, Beau and Bonnie are two big brothers and a little sister. (Well, she's not so little actually!)

Bobby and Beau are super friendly and greet me at the door like a long lost buddy when I arrive, but Bonnie isn't so sure that she likes me letting myself into her house, and she prefers to scoot under the table or behind the chair.

But I'm gradually winning her trust.

Of course, it helps a lot when she remembers that I'm the only one capable of opening the tins of cat food.

(BTW, it's a special day today, my grandson Callum is TWO! Happy Birthday Callum! Party time and birthday cake tomorrow.... WOOHOO!)


  1. What cute kitties! Yes, they do come to know and love the person in charge of the food.

    Happy birthday to Callum! Two already. Ella was here for a week and we had a ball.

  2. Well, Happy Birthday to Callum!

    And might I suggest a bit of catnip to win over the shy female?

  3. I get cranky having to clean out one piddle tray let alone three. Maybe they all use one big one.

    Callum 2! Gee, time flies.

  4. Happy Birthday Callum!!!

    Beautiful cats! I wanna hug them!

    It's been awhile and it's nice to be back here and back in the blogosphere after a grueling 2 weeks of no internet at home.

  5. Can it be 2 years already? Time goes too fast. Happy birthday little one.
    Have fun kittysitting too.

  6. Happy, happy a day after your birthday, Callum! You are greatly loved by your Nana, I know that and many other people near you.
    Fenella, we had last night -33 degrees Celsius (-27 F ) and plenty of snow, but very warm hearts :)
    All the best to you and yours!

  7. HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY DEAR LITTTLE CALLUM....! I cannot believe it is two years since he was born...!
    I hope you had a fabulous Birthday Party for him, my dear...!

    By the time your neighbors come home, all the Cats will be loving you....!

  8. Hard to believe Callum is TWO already! and I think MY grandchildren are growing up at warp speed....

  9. Wow.. two already? We've been doing this blogging thing for a long time now. Happy Birthday little guy. :)

    And what Sully said about the catnip.

  10. when we went on our cross N. America tour (the one where we went to Toronto), we had someone checking on our cats 4x a week for 6 weeks. The pet sitter never saw one of our cats the whole time, except for green eyes staring back at her from under the bed. Poor scaredy cat.

  11. This brings a smile, Sham, because just this week Amy and Dennis brought a kitty home for their household. Nicholas is just beside himself with excitement. I'm sure I'll be hearing a lot about cats in the days to come!

  12. Your neighbors are lucky to have you to keep their cats at home. Whenever we go on a trip we have to bring our two cats to the veterinary clinic and sometimes it costs as much for the cats as for the trip. But cats have such a « presence » and are part of our family. We would not be without them for the world.


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