Sunday, 21 February 2010

Seven Hundred and Thirty Days.

Seven hundred and thirty days?
And that's how long I have been a Nana to Callum.
The Equestrienne waved her magic wooden spoon and created a fabulous Birthday Cake in the shape of a car.... VW bug convertible rally car to be exact. Oreo cookies for wheels, and liquorice allsorts for headlights, steering wheel and chequered flag, and a liquorice tailpipe!

"If my arm was just a little bit longer, I could taste the icing....."

The party included aunts, uncles, cousins, Grandma and Nana, and family friends.

On the menu: pizza, veggies and dip, more pizza, chips, grapes, pretzels, M&Ms, and even more pizza!

But first, Callum and his cousins went outside to help OlderSon tap the maple trees. It's getting close to maple syrup time. They helped drill the trees, hammer in the spiles and hang the buckets to catch the sap. (The blue bucket on tree to the right)

And then they made an alien snowman.... scary, isn't he? "Take me to your leader..."

Finally, it was Birthday Cake time. "I blow candles out!"

And then it was time to open the presents. Callum wasn't quite sure why he was getting presents, but he certainly knew how to open them.

And the best prezzies? A little blue car from Nana (same colour as Nana's car), and a road play mat from Grandma. Perfect combination!


  1. Happy Birthday Callum!

    Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my last post.
    It made me realise how much I take for granted and how lucky I am..

  2. Happy Birthday Callum! What a sweet little boy. His birthday sure sounds like a huge success.

    You tap maple trees? Wow - I hope you'll blog about the whole process. It must be such a big undertaking!

    I love the roadmap blanket on the floor. Must look for one.

  3. Wendy: the maple trees are on OlderSon's 2 acres. He taps the trees every spring and makes his own homemade maple syrup by boiling the sap in a couple of electric skillets. It has to be done outside as the steam is so sugary, it would make everything in the kitchen unbearably sticky.

  4. Bon anniversaire Callum! Same day as my son but you're a bit younger.

    Love the car cake and my son once had an identical road play map thingy!

  5. What a cutie! Happy Birthday, little guy. :)

    So cool that your son does his own maple syrup.

  6. Lovely kid(s), gifts, cakes;;;!

  7. Happy Happy sweet little have a pretty special Grammy.

  8. 2 years old!!! Where did the time go? Nana, you can be proud. You have a precious little guy there. I love how he is playing with his car and he blows out his candles like my boys did. Cute picture and cake.

  9. Happy birthday to Callum!

    Those road map mats are the best!!

  10. Absolutely adorable! What a wonderful birthday celebration!! That cake is fantastic! Cake decorating was on my list of Must-Try but never got to.

    I so very much want one of J's conferences to be in Toronto! We would have a blast and as much as I say i like exploring solo, i really prefer having a buddy! One of these days we will meet...

  11. He is just adorable! GREAT Cake! PERFECT SNOWMAN! And it looks like it was a wonderful Birthday Party for your dear Callum...!

    Maple Syrup from the tress? WOW! That has to be delicious beyond words.

  12. Very cute. They do grow up so fast, don't they?

  13. Ohhhh, I'm going to miss Callum's TickerFactory Chickie...!
    But I guess now that he is TWO, he is too grown up for!

  14. Ohhhhh, how I love this age, Sham. I know exactly what you're experiencing! And did someone say licorice??

  15. My goodness how time flies! More noticably when you have little ones around, I can still rememeber when you had the little counter on your blog waiting for his birth!
    Many Happy Returns Callum!

  16. what a sweet post - thats a great post.

  17. That Callum is such a love. How nice for you to be there for his birthday. I have two grandsons but I was not there for their first and third birthdays as they live in Ohio. Next summer they are moving to Nashville, Tennessee, and that will be about 5 hours from here so we are looking forward to more visits. Happy belated birthday Callum !


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