Monday, 1 March 2010

Seventeen Days

I'm exhausted!

For the past seventeen days I've been skiing, snowboarding, speed skating, curling and playing ice hockey.
I've executed a perfect triple lutz followed by a double toe loop.
I've delivered a rock with the right amount of curl to blank the end.
I've fearlessly raced head first on a tiny sled down a practically vertical serpentine ice track.
And I've proudly stood on the podium and belted out "O Canada" with an enormous gold medal on a blue ribbon hanging round my neck.

In my dreams, of course.

The Vancouver Winter Olympics are now just a memory. The show's over, folks, but what a show! I've been glued to the telly at every opportunity to follow the fortunes of athletes from around the world.... with special attention, of course, to our own athletes from Canada.

And didn't they do well?

Fourteen gold medals, seven silver, and five bronze. The most gold medals won by a host country ever. Congratulations to Team Canada, and congratulations to all athletes who worked so hard to be part of this world event, whether they took home a medal or not.

You are all winners in my opinion.

And the final gold medal ice hockey game..... Team Canada beat Team USA 3-2 in overtime, what a game! Canadians held their breath and crossed their fingers, and when Sidney Crosby sizzled the puck into the net, a joyful noisy celebration broke out throughout this country, you could hear the cheering from coast to coast to coast.

Sid the Kid, you've become a national hero overnight.

All together now.... " O CANADA......"


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Canada Did GREAT! And I was very moved by so many things connected to your WOBNDERFUL Country! That special skater who lost her Mom a week ago Sunday---And Skated her heart out anyway and got The Bronze....Hooray Joannie!!!!!! I took pride in every Canadian Medal, too. But I can imagine the pride ALL Canadians must feel in their wonderful WONDERFUL young people who participated and gave their Everything!....It was a really terrifc Winter Olympics!

BTW: As to Bing Crosby....The scenes we Students had to do were with Mr. Crosby and Robert Stack and Nancy Olson. So I got to say "hello" and stand near him during the filming of two of those scenes, but did not have any kind of conversation with him. There were probably 50 of us from USC---maybe more.
It was fun!

photowannabe said...

Totally awesome Shammie. I was glued to the set too. Canada was a wonderful host and I cheered for them as well as the USA. What a hockey game!!
I loved hearing everyone singing Oh Canada and found it running through my mind also.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

It was a fun 17 days, that's for sure. Vancouver made us proud.

I was so nervous that Canada would let the puck into the net all during the third period of the the Canada/US hockey game. And then when the US actually DID get a goal I was so disappointed. Lucky for our side, Sidney Crosby was in top form during overtime!

Xtreme English said...

Happy for you!! and for that girl who, after the hockey team lost to the USA in the first game, made this wonderful sign: "AT LEAST WE HAVE HEALTH CARE!!!"

~Sheila~ said...

I agree, and am so proud of all of our athletes. I think we can hold our heads up.

Ming the Merciless said...

Bravo to Canada for winning Olympic gold in ice hockey.

Living In Aurora Blogger said...

I was glued to the tv for all 17 days, lol, and my butt did all the exercises it could while watching, especially when there were falls, lol. We did really really well. Congrats to Canadian Olympians. Anna

Craver Vii said...

Congratulations! Your teams were fantastic!

Vagabonde said...

I am having Olympic games withdrawal. I don’t want to turn the TV on unless I see someone racing down a hill or making a triple lutz. Canada you should be proud. I am so pleased that you won the hockey game, it meant the world to y’all and it was well deserved. Bravo !

Dogbait said...

Well done you guys. We picked two gold too. The rare bit of coverage on the news was the hockey game and the fact that you beat your southern neighbours.

madretz said...

Go Canada!! As I've told you dozens of times, i LOVE Canada so I share in your enthusiasm for your countries spirit and success!

Anonymous said...

I love the opening of the winter olympics. It was beautiful and awe-inspiring. Congrats to Canada for raking the most gold medals. I am also happy that our country, Norway did great as well there.

Ginnie said...

Sadly, Sham, we didn't get the coverage on EuroSports that I had wanted, even though it was 'round the clock. It just didn't cover least not during our waking hours. We couldn't even get that last hockey game, which would have been a sight to behold, I'm sure, even the next day. However, we did see a lot, and for that I'm very glad. You have every right to be very proud of your was I of both the USA and the Netherlands. Congratulations to us all.

dutchbaby said...

We enjoyed watching the Olympics so much, it's hard to go back to regular programming. I think I'll update my Netflix cue and order "The Man
Who Skied Down Everest".

Congratulations on the hockey win - what a game!

Suldog said...

Magnificent job by you good people! I think this was my favorite Olympics, summer or winter. The Canadian people are to commended for their warmth, politeness, organization, and tremendous good humour (and I threw the "u" into that last word just for you because I had such a good time watching these games!)