Tuesday, 16 March 2010

S. P. R. I. N. G......

It's definitely on the way.
We've had a pretty good winter, not much snow and very few of those unbearable -20C overnight temperatures. My snow tires have only had to negotiate snowy roads twice.
The birds are squabbling over married quarters in the 27 apartment birdhouse, and the tulips are struggling up through the cold earth to greet the sunshine.

And with Spring, comes all the Spring cleanup. I have to start making TO DO lists.
Like this:
  1. Get my snow tires off... better wait until April, just in case.
  2. Wash my house windows. I can hardly see out of them.
  3. Change the clock in Bluebottle. I already changed all the others. DONE!
  4. Continue with the De-cluttering Project that I started last spring. Look out eBay, Craig's List and Kijiji....
  5. Take 8 heavy boxes of unwanted books to the annual Library Book Sale. DONE! Thanks for your help, OlderSon.
  6. Book my handyman for a couple of necessary household repairs. Booking is done, repairs to follow!
  7. Move some furniture, paint a couple of bedrooms, change some carpets, rake the back yard (partially done), clean out the garage..... it's a never ending litany of "stuff" needing my attention.


  1. I have so much that needs to be done here, both inside and out. Just can't get inspired..!
    You must live in the tropical part of Ontario...my bulbs and plants are no where to be seen..!

  2. Lucky you,
    we still have too much Snow here in Oslo.

    btw. Last weeks WW and your answere:
    Yes. You are on track.
    Just look at my last post

  3. Spring really IS almost here, Sham. Did someone say Tulips! In time we will visit the Keukenhof Gardens, something I have always wanted to see here in Holland. We have till May 16th! Seeing your list of things to do makes me glad I no longer have a yard. But we DO have windows to clean! HA! Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Spring always does this to us, we want to get on and do!!! I have been doing in the garden!! The house will come later!

  5. Nice to see your tulips are coming up! Mine aren't up yet - I didn't realize I live so much further north than you. LOL

  6. Unwanted books? That concept is beyond comprehension. (I have too many books, too.)

  7. I am tired just by reading your list. We have so many books but we can never part with them. Actually we cannot part with anything, so our house shows it. Now that I am retired, I am not good at making lists.

  8. You're a better woman than I. I guess that went without saying. Anyway, I have intended to clear out boxes of books many times, but never have. Maybe this year...

  9. You've had a mild winter and we've had a mild summer. What's the world coming too?

  10. To see the spring arrive at last is nice, but you shouldn't have mentioned the to-do-list! Now, I got mine on my mind! :-)

  11. That is quite the list.....makes me think of a lot of things I need to get done. Washing windows is not on my list....I do lots of stuff but not windows. My Day Lillies are coming up.

  12. can you send some of that spring cleaning motivation my way please? :)

  13. There's always so much to do and I never seem to get caught up. At least I don't have to contend with the snow problems. I can be so lazy but eventually things get done.
    Good luck completing your list.

  14. Spring is here too, -34 windchill today, nice and sunny though.


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