Thursday, 1 July 2010

Canada Day 2010

Today is Canada Day, July 1, Canada's National Day.

We're celebrating the anniversary of the passing of the British North America Act which created the country of Canada in 1867.

There are parties going on all across Canada. Even the Queen is here to help us celebrate.

Happy 143rd Birthday, Canada!


  1. Happy Canada Day, Shammie. My son had plans to go to Ottawa (from Cornwall) today. I hope he brought his camera.

  2. Happy Canada Day!!! Now I know it's on 1st of July.

  3. Happy Canada Day to you Shammie. I read about all the things going on in your neck of the woods on Hilary's post.
    I wish I could see you in the Flash Mob. What a fun thing.
    Kids from our church did one at a huge convention that was going on. It really went over well. The element of surprise was exciting to watch.
    Hope there are pictures.

  4. Happy Canada Day!! today is flashmob day?? I can't wait to hear/see all about it!!

  5. That's a lot of birthdays for anyone, Sham. Between Canada and America, it's a big first week of July! I'll miss the family reunion at the cottage in Michigan. (sigh)

  6. Happy Canada Day (belated, and my apologies for that.) Hope it was a glorious one!

  7. Hi,and Happy Canada Day as well!
    Yes, I am ...(St. John's), I grew up there, we have been here for hmm 16 years or so. We do go home fairly often but not since last August. I truly love St. John's ... it is a fun place!
    Have a great time!

  8. I grew up near Rawlins Cross and still have a lot of family there as does my husband. So, we are very deep-rooted ... do you have connections there?
    My father came from the UK during the war and then basically returned to live in St. John's afterwards.

  9. I hope that you had a great Canada Day.

  10. Great country to live in!
    Happy Birthday, wow 143 years already! Anna :)

  11. Do you know, i've never heard a bad thing said about canada or Canadians.


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