Sunday, 20 November 2011

Wot I Bin Up To

I seem to have been missing from Blogland for the past couple of weeks. Did you miss me? No? oh, well....

I haven't been anywhere exciting, or done anything really blogworthy, just living life as it comes along I suppose. Which is what most people do.

I've been baking bread....
... and last week my former clock repairing neighbour paid me a visit to have a look at William's movement.... William refuses to tick. He got William started, but the clock won't run for more than 20 minutes, and now he won't tick at all. I'm hoping for a return visit from my neighbour. He told me his father was a clockmaker and he grew up in a house with 60 clocks!
Rehearsals are in full swing for the annual Christmas Variety Show. This is the third Christmas we've put on this kind of event at our local theatre.
 I've been making props for the Blacklite version of The Nutcracker.... here's my Sugar Plum Fairy.
 And of course I've been spending plenty of time looking after these naughty little people.....
 ... and tickling these.
 Aren't I lucky?


  1. I have INDEED missed you.....But it looks like you have lots of wonderful things and little people keeping you busy and smiling...!
    Those darling little toes....yumm yummm....!
    Much good luck with the Christmas Special...!

  2. Yes, wondered where you were! Glad all is well and haven't you been the busy one. Your sugar plum fairy is spot on (how large is she)? All the best with the show and look forward to hearing about it:) Cannot believe the twins are 3 months 2 weeks old already - where does the time go!

  3. Looks like you have been busy enough
    Shammickite. Those little ones are cute. The bread looks good too - Dave

  4. Oh yes, Sham. You're very lucky...and I DID miss you. So there. :)

  5. Yes, I also missed you!
    But sounds you have been doing many pleasant and interesting things, principally "looking after these naughty little people".
    They look adorable and you are very lucky indeed.

  6. Sounds and looks like you've been keeping busy in most wonderful ways. Enjoy that toe-tickling. It's a sure smile maker.

  7. The "little people" look really nasty! :-)

    I could make use of your kind neighbour... I have two old clocks not working any more!

  8. Greetings to your little ones from my smallest ones! I have been with Melli and Mikael over a week and now I start to recover from that "overwhelming" joy :)
    Time is now 3.45 pm and totally dark outside, our day is not even seven hours now and it is shortening every day about five minutes - I really wait for Christmas, then days start to lengthen again.
    Nice days to you, Fenella!

  9. Yes, you ARE lucky! Looks like fun as usual in the great frozen north.....Happy Holidays! You've already had Thanksgiving, but Christmas is not far off.....

  10. Pray tell what be that bread?

  11. Bonjour again from Paris! That bread looks good - who needs baguettes?!

  12. See torngats for 'how to separate eggs' 2201. ;-}

  13. Looks like you've had a great time. Thanks so much for sharing these lovely photos. I could nibble those little toes :-)

  14. What adorable little ones! Love those little tootsies. Yes, you are lucky - all of us grandparents are.

    Sending hugs. I'm moving tomorrow. Will blog at some later date.

  15. I sometimes feel something important is missing while I’m engrossed in posting and commenting because I don’t do what I often would do. Though I’m happy now to see you on this blog, I’d tell you to take your time when you are away from the computer. How adorable your little ones! If mine lives close to me, I'd spend more time with her and less time at the computer. She is turning one-year-old next month and I’m seeing her soon. Can’t wait!

    Wish your William get back in good condition. I like it.


  16. Yes, yes, yes you are lucky. I would be tickling those tootsies too. What cuties.
    Wish I could hear your production. It looks like fun and yes I have missed you, even though I was gone last week myself.
    Life does get in the way of blogging but that's the way it should be.

  17. You were happy that you did not have snow yet, our world is now white, an hour ago started to snow and will continue all night long.
    Perhaps I will get Christmas photos soon with Bullfinches on the snow.
    Happy beginning week !

  18. I have missed you, though I have not blogged much of late myself. The bread and the twinsies toesies, all look good enough to eat!

  19. Oh Miss Shammie! I've been such a bad blog friend! i'm back at visiting now that I'm also blogging more regularly. Thanks so much for the Thanksgiving wishes last week! so very kind of you. I was still getting over a cold but couldn't be healthier now. It is hard to blog regularly when normal day to day events come and go, i tried but just couldn't succeed. December is usually fuller so it's easier to stay current every day. I bet you will have a wonderful December preparing for Christmas with the grandbabies!


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