Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Chair Update

If you missed the start of this sad chair story, scroll down to the previous post.

Phone call from the UPS Store this morning: We have a package containing two chairs for you. It's been here a while. Sears wants us to ship it back, do you want to pick it up?

Me: Yes! Yes! Yes! I'll pick it up this afternoon. I didn't pick it up before as UPS didn't answer my phone messages and neither Sears nor UPS told me it had been delivered.

UPS Man: Sears is supposed to let you know that information, not UPS.

Me: But Sears said they didn't know where the chairs were!

So now I have a package containing two chairs that apparently I have not paid for as my Sears card has been credited with a refund, but now they have deactivated my account due to lack of information which I have not supplied as the local Sears outlet was closed when I went there!  And I was promised a $40.00 credit for my inconvenience..... so what's the next move, Sears?

I'll just sit tight on the chairs and see what happens.


  1. It's a circus, isn't it - especially at this time of year!

    In Australia, Big W, the Woolworth chan's department store, has NOT received all the gifts that were placed on lay-by by purchaser earlier in the year - and the suppliers doubt if they can get replacement s to them in time for Christmas!

  2. I take it you did pick up the chairs, now at least you can sit down and wait for the next episode!....and so can we:)

  3. I am sorry to hear about how difficult this is for you. When I hear you explain things that seem perfectly rational, it reminds me of a phrase that a co-worker used to use when people didn't make sense: "No fair using logic!"

  4. Crazy. We got a box from Apple today for a ship-back. They gave us detailed instructions including the UPS phone number that we should call when we were ready. Except that it turned out to be a FedEx label. To quote Rick Perry, "Oops."

  5. The "Mercury Retrograde" mis-communication continues....! OY VEY!!!!
    I cannot wait to hear the end of this story, my dear....!

  6. Oh my. I've never had anything quite that involved. I'm glad you have the chairs. Sears will probably catch up sooner or later. In the meantime, enjoy them. It's no wonder stores go out of business.

  7. Isn't it fun dealing with big companies? No one seem to know what others have done, and some don't like you dealing with the same person as your original enquiry, and of course, no one else knows what is going on. I struck a company like that once. Imbeciles! - Dave

  8. Merry Christmas from Sears, maybe the chairs are now a gift..lol

  9. Totally crazy....at least the chairs are in your possession.
    Though the "logic" of the companies escapes me completely. Sounds like no one wants to take the blame or ownership for this situation.
    Good luck Shammie.

  10. i think you just got yourself two free chairs. you paid for them in hassle, i'd say.


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