Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Won't You Join Me on a Walk?

The weather for March is unbelievable. Blue sky, sunshine, 25C, no snow in sight, crocus blooming, trees budding. I don't remember ever walking wearing sandals and short sleeves in the middle of March before. So won't you join me on a stroll through the town? (No, I'm not wearing my hiking boots from the previous post.... you'll hear more about them in a couple of weeks.)

Like many small towns close to a big city, we are becoming very multi-cultural. The former Missionary Church is now the home of a Coptic Christian congregation.

 A bit further along Main Street, the Presbyterian Church is dispensing some good advice for insomniacs. Update: As Suldog pointed out, there's an apostrophe missing. I think they either don't have one in their box of letters, or someone made off with it.

 Uhoh! More Bad Spelling. I think I might have to donate a dictionary to Card's Appliances.

This metal kinetic sculpture by Ron Baird titled "NUTUM" has stood outside the Latcham Gallery since 1980. It sways in the wind and pivots on it's supporting post. Thirty two years and it hasn't fallen down yet!

Let's pop into the Love of Jo coffee shop for a coffee and a muffin. Don't forget to glance up at those fancy lights.
We'll cross the road and take a seat in the Square in front of the Arts and Entertainment Centre, and look up at the Clock Tower. This was built in 1931, replacing a wooden hose tower that was originally part of a fire hall.
Well, it's 3 o'clock. Time to head home. We'll continue this walk another day. Hope you can join me.


  1. Fun sights and a few interesting perspectives. Your town people have trouble with spelling, though. ;)

    The weather.. it's been amazing. Very strange and very welcomed.

  2. Oh what a lovely walk, my dear...So many interesting things--including Bad Spelling..lol...
    I love that Kinetic Sculpture...!

  3. An interesting walk Shammickite. Thanks. Interesting photos too. - Dave

  4. Thank you for lettig me join your walk today. There are many interesting things to see.I like the lights in the coffee shop!The weather is good. You can imagine how I am refreshing!
    Have a great week.

  5. Wasn't Card's the place that had bad spelling another time? For shame! Also, I'd prefer an apostrophe in the Presbyterian sign, but you can't have everything, I suppose.

    I'd like to attend a Coptic service some time and see how it might differ from others. I'm sure it would be interesting.

  6. Sully.... I think they either don't have an apostrophe in their box of letters, or someone made off with it!

  7. Thanks for taking me on your walk. You showed me many interesting things. Love the mistakes you found.

  8. The coffee lights are interesting on account of the angle, plus that it appears almost sepia tone.

    Card's sign gave me a chuckle. Not just because of the spelling error, but when I think "back-to-school," appliances is not the first thing that comes to mind.

    I enjoyed the walk with you today. :-)

  9. It was a lovely day when I walked around the town too. You live in a very nice place. Via Street View of course.

  10. Thanks for the stroll! I haven't been to your town in a while.

  11. i'm loving the name of the coffee shop, since Jo is my middle name. the weather here has been amazing, too. my crocuses are done. the tulips are about to open. the magnolias are blooming. so weird.

  12. Thanks for the lovely walk! I've worn shorts and my huaraches for at least half of every week for two weeks now! Nothing like this spring!

  13. Something for everyone, I see! And yes, spring finally arrived for us, too, with delightful sun and temps up to 17C! How can anyone say NO to that!


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