Sunday, 30 September 2012

Markham Fair

If it's the end of September, it must be Markham Fair.

Markham Fair has been an annual event for 168 years, starting in 1844. It's a real old time agricultural fall fair showing farm animals, rabbits, poultry, antiques, homecrafts, baking, art, photography, farm implements.... just about everything you can think of. And this year the weather was perfect!
Could you name all these vegetables if the captions were taken away?
Unfortunately I didn't notice the weight of the grand champion potato but I think it would feed a pretty large family.  Update.... it was 3.92 pounds.
This owl was made of corn leaves, apples, a carrot nose beak all attached to a pumpkin body.

Here's a handsome fellow, all ready to wake you up each morning.
We saw the horse show, the cow competitions, sheep shearing, and gymnastics displays. We petted fluffy baby chicks. We saw the squashed cars left over from the previous evening's Demolition Derby. We watched an immense purple monster truck taking the public for rides. We even saw a real elephant! But Isaac's favourite part of the day was the visit to the Midway and the Rides!

He had a great time. He waved to me every time he whizzed by. And that happy grin never left his face.


  1. Isaac`s smile is winning :)
    And I suppose grandmother had as happy smile too.
    Good Monday to you Fenella and yours!

  2. I love going to Shows like this, there's so much to see. No, I couldn't name all the veggies, well probably the Red Tomato! lol.

  3. I can understand Isaac's fun on those machines Shammickite. Markham Fair looked like a great fair to go to - Dave

  4. This Fair looks like a Gem! So much to see and do....LOVE your pictures, my dear....And your darling Grandson looks so very happy....What Fun for both of you!

  5. Oh dear, I missed the Markham Fair! Fun photos.

  6. Those kids sure know what they want! HA! I love it.

  7. Can't beat the simple things in life!

  8. I almost forgot the rest of the post when I saw the smile on Isaac's face. That's a keeper!

    I like the idea of having lots of interesting colors on my plate. Now they're saying that it's healthy, too. That's great!

  9. This fair looks great! Sounds the kids had a fun time!
    Thanks for sharing very beautiful photos.

  10. Love that happy grin. That age and things that go around are such a wonderful combination.
    Love the fair too and all the photo ops it offers.

  11. The fair is such a great place to take photographs, especially when you have kids with the best smiles to take photos of!!

    PS: Carnitas is cubed or pulled pork flavored with Mexican spices. I bet the next time you go to a Mexican restaurant, you'll find it on the menu. Sometimes they only offer it on the weekends. Delicious!

  12. Very cool! I'll be writing a little bit about the Fryeburg (Maine) Fair tomorrow.

  13. By the way, I had no idea there were varieties of carrots. I just assumed a carrot was a carrot was a carrot. Learn something new every day!


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