Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Storm Warning

This silly pigeon got trapped in my basement window well overnight. He didn't seem keen to leave so I managed to get him standing on a shovel and lifted him out. He promptly went to hide behind my bushes. Apparently he spent yesterday on my neighbours porch and actually went into someone's house the day before. A very friendly pigeon.

But there was a thunderstorm approaching fast so I quickly went inside. The lightning flashed and the thunder rumbled, and suddenly the heavens opened and there was a torrential downpour, not only rain but hailstones too. There's my garbage can happily sailing down the street in the company of another garbage can from somewhere further up.

I braved the storm to scoop up some hailstones. Some were perfectly round and pure white. Others were irregular shaped chunks of ice. The largest were just over an inch in diameter. Good thing I parked my car in the garage just before the storm hit.

 And then I looked for the pigeon.... not in the window well and no longer behind the bushes. I hope he's OK. Being hit on the head by one of those chunks of ice wouldn't be much fun.


  1. Those are amazing pictures, my dear....The Hail Stones are INCREDIBLE!! I hope that dear little Pigeon is OK too....! That was some storm!!!

  2. Lovely photos. What a darling pigeon.

  3. Oh dear! I have been away and missed this excitement!

  4. Nasty weather off and on the past few days. It looks like there's going to be a "litter" of litter the way those two trash cans are going at it. ;)

    I wish that sweet-looking pigeon well.

  5. That looks like a pretty smart pigeon, I am sure he is OK.

  6. Isaac's Birthday Is Almost Here!!!!

  7. Those pigeons surely have a 6th sense and know what they need to do...find shelter. Now that I'm seeing storms wreaking havoc all over the States (and world!), I pray for mercy on us all! Stay safe!

  8. I usually don't feel bad for pigeons, they're more like flying rats here in the city, but that little guy sounds like he's had a tough day. You never know what to expect with spring storms.
    PS: You're neighborhood is lovely even when it's nearly drowning.

  9. Totally crazy weather you are having.
    I sure wouldn't want to get bonked on the head by those hailstones.
    Poor pigeon...hope he found safety someplace along the way.
    Have a wonderful weekend Shammie.

  10. looks the thunderstorm you had was heavy. It is sad. I hope the friendly pigeon is safe.

  11. Poor bird, was he hurt when you found him or just disoriented?
    I'm sure he is fine, just needed to get his bearings.
    Spring comes and goes this year, and then comes again. Today it is not sure if it is coming or going!
    Haven't forgotten Port Perry. Just a bit too much going on at the moment, but this year for sure!!

  12. It sounds like the pigeon knew the storm was coming and was already getting prepared. I'm sure the bird is fine... probably telling its pigeon cousins, "I wonder if that lady is okay."

  13. And this weekend ... a heatwave.


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