Thursday, 6 June 2013

Flower Fantasy

Now that Spring is here and the long cold winter is over (until next time), most people start planning some colour in the garden, and I'm no exception, even though I only have a tiny front flower bed and some plant pots out on my deck. So I went to my favourite Garden Centre to spend some money. This place is a little further away than many of the nurseries near me, but it's well worth a visit.

One of these lovely purple hanging baskets followed me home, but unfortunately the plant was damaged in a recent hailstorm, But I have my fingers crossed that it will recover with a bit of TLC..

Just look at those colours. Makes me wish I had a large garden! And a handsome gardener to look after it all, of course.

Peach begonias.... gorgeous.
I also bought a rhubarb root, and dug up a corner at the back of my house and planted it in good soil next to a sheltered wall where it will get lots of sunshine. It's currently sending 3 shoots about 5cm above the ground..... so I don't think I'll be enjoying rhubarb pie this year.... but I'm looking forward to next year!


  1. I love shrubs with good leaf colours.

    My dad had a great rhubarb patch - I miss the crumbles and pies we used to make from that. Hope you get a good crop from yours!

  2. Now that is an enjoyable nursery to visit. I love seeing all those flowers and displays. (mind you, I'm not green fingered) plants have a 50/50 chance with me!

  3. Nothing like a BEAUTIFUL Nursery with gorgeous Plants to get your Creative Inner Gardener in you to get going!
    Beautiful plants, my dear....And much Good Luck with your Rhubarb!
    Spring is my very favorite season...!

  4. The present June weather is not a hppy time for gardeners.

  5. It must be precious time to spend in the Garden Centre. Looks like it sells various flowers. I hope the plants on the purple baskets you got will recover soon.
    Enjoy your spring!

  6. HA! A handsome gardener is hopefully in your who will also like rhubarb pie! Astrid bought a bunch the other day, enough for a pie and some sauce...all for the grand total of €.57. How can you say NO to that! Your peach begonias really ARE gorgeous.


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