Wednesday, 31 July 2013


I recently enjoyed a bus trip to Cambridge.... no, not the one in England, the one in Ontario.
"Twilight" - Andreas Gehr

The pretty city of Cambridge is made up of a number of separate communities, Galt, Preston, Hespeler and Blair. It's located on the Grand River and there some lovely old buildings and churches in it's city centre.

After a leisurely wander through the extensive Southworks Outlet Mall (no worries, I managed to stop myself from buying anything I didn't need in spite of the temptation to spend megabucks) and a lunch of a homemade peanut butter sandwich, we walked across the road to the Sculpture Gardens on the banks of the Grand River.

"Twilight" was commissioned from Swiss born artist Andreas Gehr by the Toronto Harbourfront Art Gallery in 1984. In 1985 it was part of a sculpture exhibition in Cambridge and was moved here in 2000.

The small holes have been taken over by birds nests.... maybe that was the original idea.... who knows?                                  
"Silver Key" - Dave Hind
 "Silver Key" is the product of Hamilton artist, musician and metalworker Dave Hind. A giant maple key

He uses reclaims materials in his work, and focuses on the interaction of industrial and natural processes that recur in the materials and images that he explores.

This sculpture was installed in the Sculpture Gardens in 2010.

And  it wasn't only sculptures to be admired, there was the garden part too. Colourful blooms everywhere including this lovely day lily.

Neil Aitchison as RCMP Constable Archibald Finkster

Then it was time for an afternoon at the brand new Dunfield Theatre. We saw a show called "Sorry ... I'm Canadian".

Do Canadians really say "Sorry" a lot?  The show said we do!

RCMP Constable Finkster was the Master of Ceremonies, telling lots of off-colour jokes with a Canadian theme.... but nothing too offensive of course!
And the wonderful Ballagh family of 2 brothers and 2 sisters (and at the end of the show joined by their mum) entertained us with amazing fiddle music and stepdancing.... very Canadian!

All the Provinces and Territories of Canada coast to coast to coast were represented in song, in both official languages. Now you can't get much more Canadian that that!
Dinner was at the beautifully restored Cambridge Mill.... a wonderful location affording a great view looking across the Grand River. And the dinner was definitely yummy. Pan seared trout and potatoes and veggies and chocolate torte to follow. Mmmmmm.



  1. Love the look of the sculpture gardens. The weather looked good too, makes such a difference to a day out.

  2. What a Wonderful day, Filled with lots of food for the soul and the stomach!! Sounds perfect, to me!

  3. I am not aware of Canadians saying Sorry a lot. Maybe they say it when people start to treat them as Americans?

  4. Well, I immediately thought not of England or Canada, but of our very own Cambridge here in Massachusetts. For a moment, I thought you took a trip here!

    Anyway, sounds as though you had a wonderful time!


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