Thursday, 14 November 2013

Apple Pie

MMM... I love apple pie!  Fresh out of the oven.

Makes the kitchen smell so good.
And it makes me forget what's going on outside......
..... the first snow flurry of the winter!
All melted now, but it won't be long before it will be a winter wonderland out there. 
Now, where did I put my winter boots?


  1. I loves me a good homemade apple pie. But I think I will have to learn to bake them myself. :(

  2. What! Snow already!!! yikes. I've read that NY state in America has had snow too, must have been part of your flurry that traveled down there. Keep warm :)

  3. Thank looks like a good apple pie. I get the feeling we are in for a real hum-dinger of a winter....

  4. That is a BEAUTIFUL Pie, my dear....
    And so....Winter has begun. Snow is pretty for about 5 minutes and then....the reality sinks!
    I hope your Winter is a mild one, but with lots of Homemade Apple Pies

  5. Wow, already snow? Is it normal or abnormal? We had very hot October like summer and then chills came suddenly. Autumn is in full swing now. I like the fresh crunch of the first bite of an apple in season. I like an apple pie, too, and I like it when the aroma fills my house when I bake it in oven. Your apple pie made my mouth water. Thanks for your kind words on my latest post.


  6. Happy snow day! If I close my eyes and concentrate, I think I can smell your apple pie! Enjoy!

  7. Ummm, yummm, I do love homemade apple pie. This looks so inviting.
    Oh my, snow already.
    I'm not looking forward to cold and rain...of course it's not like your weather but I sure like our 70* weather here.
    Nice to see you posting again.

  8. Something happened to the comment you left me today---it got deleted by mistake. YAHOO MAIL has changed something and I HATE the way it works now. I hit PUBLISH, and so I thought it was Published! Then I hit DELETE....And, that used to be just fine! well....It Isn't Anymore. grrrrr
    I am so very sorry....could you leave your comment again, my dear....I would very much appreciate it!!! Thank You, in advance....!

  9. Oh yum.. I could practically smell it. A nice way to enjoy the apple harvest on a cold winter-like day.

  10. Apple Pie! One of my very favorites! mmmmm...I can't wait till next Thursday. I'll have a big slice of apple pie for our Thanksgiving feast. Only wish I could try yours, too.

  11. Oh, yum! I would love a slice, thank you.

  12. And Astrid made an apple tart about the same time, Sham, for our weekend with Philine! The house was filled with the fabulous smell. But alas, no snow. I hope it comes....!

  13. Apple pie is just about my favorite dessert - or breakfast, LOL! I like looking at snow but don't really want to be in it.



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