Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Eyecatching Ride

My good friend D wanted to get her boring dark blue 12 year old car repainted a brighter colour, but that's an expensive proposition, so she hit upon the idea of getting her friends and family to paint it and make some cash for the local Food Bank at the same time. Brilliant!

She sold off all the parts of the car.... $200 for a fender, $200 for the roof and trunk, $250 for the hood, $100 for a bumper, $50 for a wheel hub, etc, etc. Five of us decided to share the left front fender and one sunny September day we arrived ready to create a masterpiece. Automotive paint was donated by a local car repair business and brushes and prep materials donated by a local hardware store.

This is what we did:

L - R just the blue bit: "Kilroy Was Here", a moose to represent the Canadians in our paint group, the logo for the Triangle Square Square Dance Club, The English Rose and the Scottish Thistle either side of a Celtic knot representing our Scottish Country Dance group, a bass clef and some dragonflies. Quite a mixture! Someone else did the bumper and the wheel.

The whole car.... not quite finished:

D has raised over $3000 for the Food Bank, and now she's starting to sell off the interior! More details to come........


  1. Sounds such a great idea - and fun looking car too :)

  2. Could start a trend - how much would people pay to do this to a Porshe?

  3. I love these personalized art cars! The art represents the person or people who spent the time creating it and I love love the expression. The hubcaps on your friends car might be my fav though all of it is really cool.


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