Thursday, 7 November 2013

Get Your Sunglasses!

Some more pics of D's masterpiece of a car. Would you be willing to drive a car like this down your street? Or would you grab a wig and dark glasses?

The hood painted by D's family, showing all 17 members of her family including the 2 cats. She can list each individual stick person by name, and tell you what they are doing......

The roof...... better not break the speed limit or the police helicopter will get you for sure!

Playing in the leaves in the playground, painted by 2 little girls. I'm glad they labelled the shed. But what's the big black thing in the middle????

For more pictures of this automotive masterpiece, see previous post.


  1. I probably wouldn't drive it but I do think it's a ton of fun. ;))

  2. Probably a good way of making sure your car does not get stolen!

  3. I love this! It makes the car very unique and individual---it's creative and it is great Fun!!!

  4. I prefer to blend in and not be noticed, but I think this car is cool.

    Now, someone who apparently enjoys being noticed and paid attention to is your Mr. Rob Ford, boy, he's spinned himself a into a tangled web, hasn't he?

    I forgot to tell you, Jimmy was in Toronto in September. I begged to tag along, but he was only there for 1 day recruiting at the University.

  5. Darn it...., I could have treated Jimmy to a beer!


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