Saturday, 4 January 2014

Goodbye Phil.

Phil Everly died today. And I feel sad.
I loved the music of the Everly Brothers. I didn't have a record player when I was young so I had to rely on listening to them on the radio. Radio Luxembourg, when I could tune it in, and then Radio Caroline.

But now I have lots of their songs on my MP3 player and sing along with them regularly. I love their harmonies.

My boyfriend John took me to see them at the Southampton Gaumont back in 1963. No, that's not actually my ticket, I found it on the internet. But that's the day I went. I wish now that I had kept the programme. 12/6 was a lot of money for a concert ticket.

The Everly Brothers sang all their big hits, but it was hard to hear them for all the screaming girls. Well, I suppose I must have been screaming too.... that was how we showed appreciation for the bands back then. I don't remember John being too impressed with the screams.

Also on the bill was Little Richard... he took his shirt off and sat on the piano playing the keys with his bare feet. (more screams). Good Golly Miss Molly!  Apparently Bo Diddley was there too, although I don't really remember him. But look at the supporting band.... yes, it was the Rolling Stones! (even more screams).

Phil, so sorry you are gone, taking a bit of my youth with you. I'll play some of your songs in remembrance of that terrific concert back in 1963.


  1. All those singers and actors we grew up with are getting older, just like us, and are slowly leaving us. It is hard as we have known and enjoyed their art for so long. I did not know the Everly Brothers in France but I did know Little Richard and had some of his 45 records. It is a sad loss.

  2. I hadn't the other Everly still around I wonder. Did you know that when you went to Southampton, I lived only 8 miles away, I was 11 yrs old then...memories. The Gaumont is now called the Mayflower, it was renamed years ago. Happy New Year to you, hope you are all okay over there.

  3. I love the poster with The Rolling Stones as third billing. And Mickie Most there as well before he went on to become a top record producer. Who were The Flintstones though! Ah, all so long ago . . .

  4. Oh, dear me. The memories from back then! In 1963 I was graduating from high school and going to university. Was it really that long ago! Do you stay in touch with John and know what he's doing today, I wonder?

  5. Did The Flintstones come out in caveman attire? Wow. Quite the concert to have in one's catalogue. I'm impressed.

  6. Ah yes, I loved them too. They bring back memories of school dances and singing along with them on the radio.

  7. Awww I hadn't heard this. I saw them eight or ten when they performed with Simon and Garfunkel on their Old Friends Tour. They were still wonderful. Rest in peace, Phil.

    Though it's primarily about Simon and Garfunkel, I wrote about that concert here:


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