Friday, 10 October 2014

Markham Fair 3

There are not a lot of sheep reared here in Ontario.... you see mostly beef and diary cattle in the country fields. But Markham Fair always has prize sheep on show, and a sheep shearing demonstration. Lots of city people come to the fair, and many have never seen this taking place.

James is an experienced shearer, as he grew up on a sheep station in Australia where his father ran a herd of 2000 sheep.... you can tell he's Australian by his hat!
He can shear a sheep in 1 minute flat, even if the sheep is objecting strenuously, as this one was. 
 The fleece comes off in one piece, and the wool from this one sheep is enough to knit a sweater.
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  1. No, he is no Aussie! They wear bush hats with corks hanging off them!

  2. The sheep does not look happy...what a great technician he is!

  3. In one minute?? AMAZING! I don't think I would like to be shorn either, if I was a!

  4. This is such fun to watch and it's amazing how FAST the job gets done.


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