Friday, 31 October 2014

Fine Dining on The Rock

If you are lucky enough to take a trip to Newfoundland, you have a taste treat coming to you.  Some of these traditional foods are definitely an acquired taste..... so I'm not actually recommending them.... just saying....

Traditional Jiggs Dinner. Consists of salt beef, potato, turnip, carrot, cabbage, and peas pudding. A few years ago, OlderSon and I went to a Sunday Jiggs Dinner at the Irving gas station cafe in the Donovan's Industrial Estate. A gas station restaurant doesn't sound like the perfect location for fine dining, but there were people lined up outside for their Jiggs Dinner, and very good it was too! As they say in Newfoundland, some fine scoff, b'y!

Seal Flipper Pie. I haven't actually sampled a seal flipper pie, but maybe one day, when I get very very brave. Or very very hungry. I think it would taste really fishy.

Cod Tongues. These are not actually tongues, but are a small muscle from the neck of the cod. Usually breaded, then fried in pork fat with cubes of salt pork. I've eaten them..... but once was enough.

Salt Cod Vins. I have to admit I don't have a clue what this is, or how it is cooked. It looks like fins and tails and bits of cartilage, all the leftover bits after preparing the cods tongues and the flipper pie. Maybe for soup? I think I'll pass on this one.

 Ginger blueberry cake with brown sugar sauce. Now this looks a lot nicer. This was dessert when we stopped for lunch in Brigus. Highly recommended!

And now the dish that Newfoundland does best.... Cod and chips, the fish straight from the ocean. We went into the little restaurant on the harbour at St. Philips just to get a coffee, but the aroma of fish'n'chips proved too much to bear, so we stayed for supper.  Delightful.... especially with this view of Conception Bay from our table.

More pictures of Newfoundland to come.


  1. Hm, local food can be a bit hit and miss - especially local food in places where you can't get out for fresh stuff for 6 months of the year. Could be why Finland is not famous for its food :-)

  2. Cod and chips would be my favorite as well. That looks yummy!

  3. I was all for turning vegetarian until I got to the cod and chips pic, that I do love.

  4. I love seeing what local foods are! I'd probably pass on a few of them, but others I'd be happy to sample.

  5. Trying new food is one of the pleasures when it comes to travelling abroad. I’m rather adventuresome with foods and I know from experiences that the food which looks appealing to see are not always delicious to eat and vice versa. Japanese traditional foods are acquired taste, too.


  6. I have read your posts about Newfoundland with longing – I really liked going there. I don’t know if I could walk up those hilly streets anymore, or rather walk down on them as my knees are so bad now. Maybe we will go back because we enjoyed it so much. We had the cod and fish and the tongues too and we like that a lot. How about those berries they sell our of pick-up trucks?
    There is something about Newfoundland – it goes directly to your heart.

  7. Hmmmm. I was beginning to think I would starve if I visited Newfoundland but when I saw the Cod and Chips I knew I could survive there. :))

  8. I'm afraid I would have to bring a Care Package of Edibles for! The only one that looks appealing to me is the Fish and Chips---and I'm not too sure about that fish!
    Loving this series, my dear.

  9. I am not a great adventure for new foods.
    It is sad. I might have missed many delicious foods. You are tempting me to try that Ginger blueberry cake! Looks delicious(*^。^*)!!

  10. Mmmm... I need to add a ginger blueberry cake to my baking repertoire.
    As for the other foods, no thanks. I grew up in Europe, so I was exposed to quite a few "different" food choices. They looked disgusting to me then, and they still do now. :)

  11. Jiggs Dinner looks very close to what we'd call a New England Boiled Dinner. No peas pudding, and maybe a pork shoulder instead of the corned beef. One of my favorites, either way it comes!

    Do you remember the old comic strip "Bringing Up Father"? It had the main characters of Maggie & Jiggs. Both Irish, but she wanting to be upwardly-mobile lace-curtain, while he was always trying to do things with his lower class friends such as enjoying corned beef and cabbage, etc. I wonder if the character was named after the dinner, the dinner was named after the character, or just a coincidence all around?

  12. My past neighbour is from Newfoundland.. I've tried some of those things. I'll pass on most, thank you. But that dessert looks fine.


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