Tuesday, 14 October 2014

MS Amadea at St Johns

The MS Amadea was in port when I was in St Johns, Newfoundland, a couple of weeks ago. She's just a small cruise ship compared to some. She carries 624 passengers and 292 crew.

The black steel fencing was installed along the wharf a year ago. I suppose it's necessary for safety and security, but I loved strolling along and looking at the ships. Peering through iron railings isn't quite the same.

The whole ship got some necessary maintenance while tied up at the dock. These crew members are repainting the blue line, others were cleaning up the white part of the hull.
A sailor's work is never done. Washing the salt off the windows with a really long hose!

MS Amadea was only in port from 8:00am to 4:30pm, just enough time for the passengers to wander round the sights of downtown St Johns, take a coach tour up Signal Hill and out to Cape Spear, and spend money on souvenirs of Newfoundland. Next stop: Greenland and Baltic Ports.
More pictures of my trip to Newfoundland and Labrador to come!


  1. Small. Ha! Isn't it crazy how big those things are!
    Your pictures are wonderful. Looking forward to seeing some more. How lucky you are to have been there!

  2. Yes this is a real baby - last time I was in Malta the disney ship was in dock. 4000 passengers, give or take! It was actually worrying standing close to it, I kept expecting it to roll over on top of me!

  3. Wow.. a cool vessel. Frank is bemoaning having to clean the gunk off of the bottom of his boat when it comes out of the water for the winter. It sure does pale in comparison to what it would take to do this job.

  4. For a *smallish* ship she seems pretty impressive!
    Don't they look huge when you get up close like that?
    Was really interested to see it.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  5. What a beautiful cruise ship! I checked MS Amadea and learned it was originally built by Japanese heavy industry company and Japanese name was MS Asuka. Asuka is the name of a beautiful village I often posted about. Look forward to your Newfoundland report.


  6. What a gorgeous cruise ship. Especially the last photo is wonderful. You have captured the great composition of the ship.Also I like to see the crew members and sailors working for their ship.


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