Sunday, 5 April 2015

This 'n' That 'n' t'Other

I think Canadian Spring might be just around the corner here in the Great White North. We actually had two back-to-back sunny days, but it's back to cold weather again today.
I took TessaDog for a run in the forest last weekend, but it was too icy to go far. I'm afraid of falling and nobody finding me for a week. I'd have to eat the dog to survive! YoungerSon wouldn't like that.

Just a few more of those glorious sunny days and this view will change to green instead of white.
Auction Sale season has started. Every year there's an interesting Good Friday sale at the local Community Hall, so I went along to do some people watching (always a good sport) and to see what was on offer. I bid on a few things, but didn't actually part with any money, prices were too high, and there was nothing that I really needed.

A carved totem or symbolic mask from the West coast, possibly Haida. It sold for $750.00.
The auctioneer has a contact in the Persian carpet business, and always has a large number of carpets and rugs on offer at the auctions. The large ones go quite cheaply, as nobody has room for a 30' x 20' rug, and carpets with a big pattern aren't fashionable any more.

This one sold for just over $200.00. Listed price was over $1500.00. A bargain for someone.
These sweet little 1950s Dutch dolls sold for only $12.50. I was tempted, but do I really need dolls? After they were sold, I wished I had bid on them..... but then I saw sense and was happy I didn't. Indecision, indecision. 

Browsing at the local Care and Share junk charity shop, I noticed this shoe box up on a high shelf. Chandler is one of my family names (my mother's maiden name) so I was instantly interested. I wonder if these Chandlers are long lost relatives? And do their shoe shops still exist? According to the box lid they had addresses and stores all across the USA.

The town of Ilfracombe in North Devon (England) is where I spent some of my school days, and two new state of the art web cams have been installed looking at the harbour. I can spend quite some time just watching the people and the boats. If you see a large blue and white boat tied up at the dock, it's the MS Oldenburg, the ferry to the island of Lundy. The web cam is here, well worth a look. You'll also see a view on Cam2 of Rapparee Beach, the site of a disastrous shipwreck in 1796 and also a fistfight in 1878 with the Crown Prince of Germany who apparently was a bit of a twerp.

I've been painting again. The colours haven't photographed well in this photo. A bit fuzzy.

That's all folks..... until next time!     Happy Easter.


  1. Auctions are such fun! I just went to a church ladies auction, it even carried on in the rain. The dolls are sweet and unusual. Wishing you a meaningful and joy filled Easter.

  2. Happy Easter Shammi. We had snow again last night and again this morning, but it has since melted. I like your painting very much. It reminds me of Lawren Harris's work. Very nice.

  3. Were there any size 8 shoes in the box, I left them in the cobblers ages ago?
    I love the happy looking house, is it where you live?

    Happy Easter

  4. Looking the long range forecast, it seems that spring will come on Friday. After that, most days seem to be 10 or over and nights above 0.

  5. Here's hoping warmer weather arrives soon. I really the totem pole but not enough to pay $759.

  6. In case of falling, you wouldn’t have to eat the dog but it could have been much colder than a three dog night. (Doesn’t make sense? I wanted to use the idiom.) Yesterday weather returned to winter after a couple of days of early summer and it snowed even in Tokyo today. Your painting is lovely; the house and trees look bathed in the light.


  7. Happy Easter my dear friend! (Sorry I am belated)
    Love your painting and the photo of the trees and the snow!

  8. Argh, the dolls look like props from a horror movie! :-)


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