Monday, 25 May 2015

Downtown Reflections

I was in the big bad city of Toronto today, and the morning light reflecting off the glass buildings was very impressive.

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church at 73 Simcoe Street, built 1876, S.E. corner of Simcoe and King Street West. The curved silver building behind the church is Roy Thompson Hall, built 1982.

The tower of St Andrew's Presbyterian from a different direction.

I love the way the windows distort the reflections. No idea what building this might be, but I like the complicated structure on the roof.

C N Tower reflection, built 1976.

Canada Life Building at University Avenue and Queen Street, built 1929-31.


  1. What a beautiful city!I have head from my English teacher about how beautiful the view of Toronto is. Today I get to know that. Your reflections are amazingly beautiful!

  2. What a great place, it all looks so big. Love your photos, you're right, those reflections are amazing on the buildings.

  3. Love the contrast between the glass and steel and the church tower!

  4. Toronto never stands still does it. I visit there infrequently now, but when I do it is changed again. I hope the older buildings will be accommodated for their own sake, but also because I like to see them contrasted against the new builds..x

  5. You've captured great reflections! They're a great way to see everything from a different point of view.

  6. Some pretty smart architecture.


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