Monday, 4 May 2015

Star Wars Day

In a galaxy far, far away.......

Can you believe the first Star Wars movie was released 25 May 1977!

I remember lining up with OlderSon and his friend outside a cinema on Bloor Street, Toronto, with a huge crowd of parents and kids, all so excited to see this brand new movie we had heard so much about. The boys were both about 6, and as often happens with 6 year olds, they suddenly needed to visit the loo, and consequently we lost our place in the line. Grrrr!

However we got in, and saw the film.... we had never seen anything like it before, and the boys became instant Star Wars fans.
The next movie from George Lucas in 1980 was The Empire Strikes Back. I can't remember where or when we saw it, but I recall seeing the third film released in 1983, The Return of the Jedi, when we were on holiday in Daytona Beach, Florida.

There have been a few more Star Wars movies since then, and I believe a new one is scheduled for release later this year.  In Toronto today there are some special Star Wars events planned for those who like to dress up. Star Wars fans will be appearing as Darth Vader and Jabba the Hut. Storm Troopers, Wookiies, Obi Wan Kenobis and Anakin Skywalkers will be popping up all over the place.

Meanwhile..... Grab your Light Sabre..... May the Fourth be With You!.

Edited: My oldest grandson Callum wore his Darth Vader Tshirt to school today!


  1. I have almost the same memory of seeing Star Wars that you do! We took or son. A huge crowd in the movie theater lobby. It was different from any other movie.

  2. I think we saw it on video. Don't remember, but one summer it seemed as if all the little boys in the neighbourhood were suddenly brandishing light sabres and wearing Darth Vader black capes.

    It was an era of imaginative games and fun for our kids!

  3. My son was about six years old too. Star Wars everything was the order of the day. His son is now almost twenty, and we went through it all again with him.

  4. In 1977? No way. I can remember it well – I would have said it was made in the late 80s – time does fly. My youngest daughter was only 5 years old, and she has 4 children now!

  5. I did not see Star Wars when it first came out - the hype on TV was terrible, so I rebelled and refused to see it. It was only when The Empire Strikes Back came out that some friends of mine insisted that I see it. I was instantly hooked. Empire is still my favourite of all of the movies.

  6. I used to have all the Star Wars films on VHS, I wish I had kept them now.
    My Grandson did a great Darth Vader voice impression, but I suppose it was an easy one to do.


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