Friday, 21 August 2015

Dining out in Ljubljana

Roaming the cobbled streets of Ljubljana made us hungry, and we wanted to sample an authentic stick-to-the-ribs Slovenian dinner. A friendly English speaking lady in a jewellery shop recommended a visit to Špajza at Gornji trg 28 for traditional Slovenian food

A little red house on a small street in the old town. Menu in English and Slovene.

I have unashamedly stolen a photo of the interior of the restaurant from the Špajza Facebook page. Charmingly rustic. Friendly waiters. Creaky floorboards. Not cheap, but really tasty food.

The appetizer for two, no idea what it was called . A cube of omelette topped with some garlicky cream, and accompanied by fresh warm home made bread. Nice presentation.

I chose Veal medallions with asparagus. It was melt in the mouth good. I'm sure everyday Slovenians don't eat this well every day! Also on the menu was "small horse" prepared a variety of different ways. I didn't try it but I've since heard that it is sweet and tender.... maybe next time, if there is a next time!

My friend V chose baked fish, but I can't remember what kind it was. The green "leaves" are pea puree. She pronounced the meal delicious!
We skipped dessert at the restaurant as we wanted to sample the fancy cakes available at the outdoor cafes along the old streets. We stopped at Cafe Zvezda near Congress Square. It was so hard to decide... chocolate, or nectarine, or strawberry, or......  Yes, it was worth the wait, so yummy.
More pictures to come.
If you have visited Ljubljana, please leave me a comment and tell me about it.


  1. You're visiting some really lovely places. Glad you're enjoying it so much.
    Maggie x

  2. Never been there, but as someone who loves food and other places I am considering an "Eat my way through Europe" tour. A bucket list in itself.

  3. It all looks delicious and sounds scrumptious, too.....No contest for me on desert--CHOCOLATE is my middle! And that looks sooooo yummy!

  4. Love your adventure and the wonderful food you had.
    I would love to visit there too.

  5. You were asking about the fires in California.
    It seems the fires are about 2 hours away from us, both North and South.
    The way the wind patterns go the smoke blows directly into the Central Valley and settles around us. There have been so many fires, some arson and many lightning strikes.
    CalFire is being spread really thin. Those guys are really amazing.
    Thanks for asking. The fires travel so quickly that even in Suburbia there is danger.

  6. Slovenia sounds like a place I would want to visit, Sham, especially after our brief visit of Bratislava, Slovakia, while on our Viking River Cruise a couple years ago. As you know by now, all of Europe is soulful to me...and Eastern Europe is just waiting to be explored!

  7. The cakes look delicious! I'm not really a fan of slabs of meat or vegetables so I'd probably pass on the meal and just go for the cakes. Can you tell I have a sweet tooth?

  8. I saw all the posts about your trip. Your photos of the beautiful scenery and delisious meals made me understand how you liked and enjoyed the trip to Slovenia.


  9. I'm no longer a meat eater, and even when l was l wouldn't have eaten horse!
    I'll just have desert please!

  10. No I have not visited but I have visited and travelled through the Check Republic when it was all one with Slovenia.

    Enjoyed your pictures and the vivid colours.

  11. Love your gorgeous photos from your travels in Europe!
    Hummm... It all looks delicious! But I never eaten horse meat...
    Thanks for sharing your amazing pictures!


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