Monday, 7 September 2015

Shoe Shopping - Vienna

Ahhh... shoe shopping when I'm on vacation.... one of my favourite pastimes. Especially in Europe. Just wandering and looking in the Viennese store windows, and yearning after more and more shoes. I've been blessed with large... um, let's say usefully big feet (I won't blow over in a strong wind!) so if I find shoes I love, and in the right size, and they actually fit and feel good.... I just have to buy them.

Nope, I didn't buy these....

I don't think I could actually navigate my way across a small room in these. I haven't worn heels like this for many years. But they are so gorgeous!

These might be a little easier to walk in, but I couldn't possibly wear them out in the rain in case I got them muddy.

So I'll have to stick to wearing my "old lady" fancy running shoes with the bright neon pink shoelaces. Fun and comfort at the same time for my sightseeing.

It's true.
How many pairs of shoes do you have?
I just counted. Oh dear.


  1. BEAUTIFUL shoes!!! I couldn't wear them either; it's been years and years and YEARS since I've worn heals, and I never felt comfortable in them when I did wear the,....And, I'm with you on "Comfort" needs---especially when traveling! Vienna. Just the name conjures up romantic images....! What a fabulous trip, my dear.

  2. I am happy that I am with you!! There have been any no heals in my shoes cupboard since.....? for a long time. I have several comfortable shoes of different colors and design!That is enough for me.
    Have a good week!

  3. Your running shoes look way more comfortable. ;))

  4. No heels here either. And not many shoes either. Like you I have generously sized feet and it is hard to find ones which fit.
    I do admire other people's shoes though. Except the back breaking stilettos.

  5. Love those top boots, so pretty! But I could never wear them. I wear sneakers and sandals and flip flops almost exclusively. Now and then I'll wear flats, but even those aren't very comfortable because they're so, well, flat.

  6. Shoes are just one more thing about women that I just don't understand.

  7. I like your "old lady" fancy running shoes and it looks very comfortable.
    Like your friend said, "no heels here either and not many shoes either".
    Have a happy day!

  8. I really had to laugh at this post, Sham, because one of the jokes Astrid always makes is when she sees a really crazy pair of shoes (usually high heels) she'll say, "I know what you can get me for my birthday!" :)

    So, for her birthday on August 24, I happened to find a card of a pair of hot-pink high heels, which I bought on the spot for her. HA!

  9. Oh wow----this must have been so much fun!!!

  10. I just have a few pairs of shoes due to bad knees and terrible bunions. I need "Old Lady" shoes to get around...(:0)
    I haven't worn real heels in years and how I miss them.
    Those embroidered heels are to die for. I would love them even if I couldn't wear them.


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