Thursday, 1 October 2015

Let's go... Blue Jays!

The Toronto Blue Jays clinched their first American League East title in 22 years on Wednesday and the town is going wild. The Jays clobbered the Orioles 15-2 on Wednesday to take the title. I was at a Lawn Bowling Banquet, and everyone was surreptitiously watching the game on their phones instead of listening to the speeches.

You don't follow baseball? Well, this is a huge deal here in Toronto, and throughout Canada, as the Blue Jays are the only MLB team in this country. Never mind that only two of the team were born in Canada, other team members come from mainly the USA, with the rest from Mexico, Australia, Venezuela, Japan, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.

I usually manage to get to at least one game per year.... 2014 vs Kansas City Royals, 2011 vs Tampa Bay Rays, 2010 vs St Louis Cardinals. This year's game was vs. Oakland As... my photos are still in the camera! Didn't blog it, sorry.

First game of the playoffs will be on October 8. Tickets are already sold out. Meanwhile let's sing along:


  1. We're still just mourning the demise of the Nats. :-(

  2. Ok, I LOVE baseball! Greatest game of all. But that song sucks! Sorry.
    Montreal WILL be getting a team back soon w/i 10 years.
    Good luck to the Jays. Wanna see their power take on the Royals pitching. 7 games. Play ball!

  3. Having lived in Atlanta, home of the Braves, for 25 years, Sham, I know all about baseball spirit/frenzy. Trust me. Growing up as a young girl in Michigan, my preacher dad would always listen to the Detroit Tigers on the radio every Saturday...and then years later, watch them on TV. When it's in your blood it really IS in your stay.

  4. CONGRATS, my dear!!! I'm not a Big Baseball Fan, but I understand the love of the game. This surely is something you can be so very proud of! HOORAY!!!!

  5. Congratulations! I hope David Price pitches well. I'll be pulling for Kansas City. My favorite Ray is playing for them.

  6. I've never watched baseball, but I have loads of cool baseball caps and shirts. Does that count? :D


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