Saturday, 5 December 2015

White, Orange and Green

Some random observations of the past week or so.....

First Shift is a program sponsored by Bauer (sports equipment) to encourage youngsters ages 6 to 10 into the game of ice hockey, specifically targeting families who don't have a history of playing Canada's National Game.
For a very nominal fee of  $125, Isaac got the full equipment needed for hockey including skates, stick, helmet, facemask, gloves, all the padded protective gear, and a huge sports bag almost as big as he is to put it all in. Six weeks of introductory skating skills with accredited coaches at the new ice arena, followed by weekly practices and games until March 2016. Bargain!

 One shift waits on the bench while the others play a game. Each player is on the ice for about 5 minutes, then they change over. Isaac's in the middle. His dad put a black electrical tape stripe on his helmet so we could tell which one he is..... they all look the same buried under all that equipment.

When he started the program in October, Isaac couldn't even stand on skates. He still ends up in the horizontal flat-on-his-back position quite often, but he can get back on his skates without help, and now he can skate forward pretty fast, he can stop, and he's learning to skate backwards. Terrific progress.


I was up early one morning last week just as the sun was coming up. Had to go out with my camera on the back deck while still wearing my jammies. Froze my toes but the view of the lovely sky made up for it.


I really enjoy watching the British TV show Grand Designs hosted by Kevin McCloud... who by the way, seems to be so nice and is terribly handsome (IMHO) and has such an infectious smile, I'd love to invite him to tea! Anyway, tea invitations aside..... the show is all about elaborate and unusual architectural home building projects. And the opening credits end up on this landscape. I don't know where it is located but I really like it, so I took a pic of the TV screen and decided to paint it.
I love to paint but it's very hard to discipline myself to get on with it, so I have joined a local Artist Group. We gather once a week in a nearby Community Hall, and I'm finding it very inspirational to be with others who are like minded. Everyone has a different style and a different pace of working, some with watercolours, or acrylics, or pencil or pen and ink.  
Once a month we have a "Show and Tell" and critique each other's work.... I'm learning so much!
The group hosts an annual art exhibition and art sale the first weekend in May, so it remains to be seen if anyone will be interested in my work. Plenty of time to improve my technique!


  1. Great post. Hockey is such a great activity for kids. It is good to know that it is becoming more accessible for children. The sunset was spectacular and I love your art work. You did a great job.

  2. I accept that $125 is a fraction of the real cost, but hope that provision can be made for children in those families where it isn't a nominal expense.
    Love that sky (and often do mad woman with camera dances before I am dressed).
    I am so impressed at your painting too. Not a talent I possess, and one I admire.

  3. I was ready to comment on the hockey (good),
    and the sunrise (beautiful)
    but then I saw the words "Kevin McCloud"...(very nice !!)
    Maybe when he's had tea at your house, he can come over to mine!!

  4. Forgot to say I love your painting. Very good!

  5. It is so important that children are encouraged to take part in sporting activities, so many youngsters nowadays spend too much time in front of computer or TV screens. I bet Isaac loves the ice hockey.
    The sunrise is lovely - worth getting cold toes for!
    What an excellent ides taking a photo of the TV screen. I like all the different shades of green in your painting.

  6. I didn't know you were a painter. My mother painted very well and we have a number of her works hanging in our house. You did a good job here and I hope that you'll find lots of folks interested in your work. That hockey outfit is indeed a bargain and what a great program for little kids. We learned with old beat-up stuff on the ponds in Minnesota!

  7. Skating backwards was something I never quite mastered. I think that's why I ended up playing goal more often than anything else. As long as I stayed in the crease, I never had to back up.

  8. Loved the orange study ~ beautiful photo
    Gosh that painting is superb ~ what a talented lady you are.
    Yes, stopping and skating backwards are a must ~ he's coming on well.
    I could just do it but I'd never have made an ice hockey player ~ great to watch sport, and probably to play too.

  9. Our grandboy is likely playing hockey this very minute in Ottawa. I like that sunset photo. Oddly enough I just saw a very similar one from Kentucky. But when I glance out the window, I realize that there will be no glorious sunset here tonight. Good luck with the art. I am too dense to do art.

  10. It's great you've found a painting group that gives you inspiration. Keep up the good work!

  11. So different the sports for youngsters here and there Shammie. While your son was ice-hockeying, mine was cricketing :) I love your painting, made me smile when you said 'you decided to paint it.. just like that! Grand Designs is one of my favourite programs also, Kevin McCloud is not only a looker :) but brilliant also.. a devilishly attractive package oui :)

  12. I saw some ice hockey games in Montana – those guys went so fast! I bet your grandson will become very good on skates. Your orange photo is beautiful and your painting has great colors and form too. To have a group to paint with and share ideas must be so helpful.

  13. You have a great eye, Shammy.
    I really like the layers of color and perspective on your painting. Great job...keep it up.

  14. Merry belated Red and Green!!! I love the pics of Isaac, we're a hockey family so it speaks to my heart! I'm in awe at how quickly he's learned how to skate so well in just 2 months, not even that when you posted this early this month. And how clever to put some black electrical tape on his helmet! They do all look alike.


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