Sunday, 17 July 2016

Trying to be a Patient Patient 1

Well, here I am back to blogging and I have some stories to tell.....
The Total Hip Replacement surgery went well. After all, it's a routine operation these days. I'm sure my surgeon replaces 3 or 4 each week.
When I went to the Pre-Op meeting at the hospital back in May, I found that I was scheduled to have surgery on the same day, and by the same surgeon, as another lady..... and this lady turned out to be what I politely call a "difficult" person, arguing with the pharmacist and the physiotherapist, and generally having a gloomy and grumpy outlook. Oh no, I thought..... I'm going to be in the same hospital room. Not looking forward to that!
OlderSon took me to the hospital on the appointed day, and once I had changed into my green hospital gowns (so flattering!), there she was in the waiting room, still looking grumpy.
I said hello, but my surgery was first, so pretty soon they walked me reluctantly (can't change my mind now) into the operating room and I got up on the very narrow table. I was given an IV of some sort of stuff that banished all my cares but didn't actually send me off into la-la land completely, and before I knew what was happening, the spinal was taking effect and I could hear loud sawing, drilling and vigorous hammering going on. I thought I was on a construction site..... which of course I was.
A few minutes later, or so it seemed, I was wheeled into recovery, and then, thank goodness, was moved to a private room on the cardiac floor due to my history of  cardiac arrhythmia..... hooray! I don't have to share a room on the surgical floor with with Ms Grumpy!
The next day, I was sent to X-ray, and the technician said I was the second one to arrive who had hip surgery the previous day. Ah.... I thought I knew who it was. I asked if the lady was co-operative. The technician rolled her eyes. I had my answer!
I was scheduled to go home on day 3, but was kept until day 4 due to problems with low blood pressure and dizziness. But by day 4, I was up walking the corridors with my walker, and had even conquered the steps up and down with my cane.
YoungerSon came to collect me, and instead of going home where there is nobody to help me, I had booked a 2 week respite stay at the nearby Seniors Retirement Home. Lots of stories to tell about that! Next time.....


  1. If you're telling stories, you are on the mend. Good for you. Looking forward to the rest home stories.

  2. Yay! Welcome back. Glad you got moving so quickly and that you missed out on tThe Grumpy One! I look forward to more stories!

  3. Those kinds of adventures I don't want. Have had a few myself - not hip replacement, but cancer stuff. Glad that you came through it well. One of our neighbors has had both hips and both knees replaced and she's just a tiny little thing in her 60s! Best wishes to you!

  4. Hope you recover quickly xxx

  5. Welcome back.
    I wonder whether the grumpy one realises that you catch more flies with honey... Obviously not.

  6. I once saw a program on hip replacement and the surgeon was using the same Black and Decker drill I have in my garage. I'm betting the drill bits weren't as blunt as mine or else you'd need a double dose of the happy juice.

  7. What you now survived waiting for me in the future rouku. I hope that everything will be fine with me too. You now have plenty of rest and exercise, to forget about unpleasant experiences, and as soon as possible to be completely smooth. Better to be on holiday than hinder children's lives and give them trouble. Best wishes.

  8. I am glad that all is well, my dear friend!
    Hope you recover very soon!
    Lots of hugs.


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