Monday, 15 August 2016

Eatin' 'n' Drinkin'

When enjoying life at the cottage in 30C sunshine, some of the most important activities include staying fed and watered. I was still hobbling about using a walker and a cane, so was pretty useless in the kitchen. But my wonderful family provided great meals that satisfied everyone... hungry kids, meateaters, vegetarians.
The twins celebrated becoming FIVE, yes FIVE! while we were there. They wanted a cake each.... no sharing for these two. And there's no better decoration on a birthday cake than Smarties.
 YoungerSon made good use of the BBQ, providing juicy cheeseburgers one evening and honey garlic sausages on a bun the next.
 A visit to Kawartha Dairy in Minden is compulsory when anywhere near cottage country. This is the best ice cream anywhere, with numerous flavours to choose from. Emma and Callum both chose Birthday Cake, while Max and Isaac had Bear Claws, chocolate ice cream with big chocolatey chunks hidden in it.
 My family likes to try different imported beer as well as samples of all the local micro-breweries that are popping up everywhere. There were quite a few empties to take back.... I wonder what the refund was?
One more canoeing picture. The white building belongs to the cottage at the top of the steps. I would hate to go swimming and then realize I'd forgotten my towel. That's a long way back up!

Rio 2016 Olympics Update.
Andre de Grasse, Canadian sprinter, won Bronze yesterday in the men's 100m race, close behind American Justin Gatlin who won Silver, and the Gold medalist, fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt of Jamaica. Well done Andre!
Currently, Canada has won 13 medals (2 gold, 2 silver, 9 bronze), 12 of them won by women. Andre de Grasse is the only man to win a medal so far. Go Canada Go!


  1. Happy belated birthday to those little ones turning 5! Wonderful birthday cakes! I have seen the opening of the Olympics but have not seen any games. Brazil did a great job! Yes, go Canada!! We love Canada and have many friends there.

  2. It looks a lovely, lovely place. Love the smiles on the ice-cream eaters faces.
    Happy birthday to the littlies. And hooray for a cake each.

  3. Yay women. Such great role models.

    The cottage looks like such fun! I hope you are sans walking aids asap.

  4. Fun times in a fun place making fun memories! Lucky you!

  5. That's quite an assortment of brewskies. :)

  6. The four around the table - that is happiness.

  7. Lovely time you had! I love that, one cake each!!!
    Popped over from HIlary's blog. We had lunch in Tweed awhile back. Such fun!

  8. I was pleased to see Andre de Grasse’s success. I think he will be one to watch in the future as he is very talented. I liked the picture of the children eating ice cream – they look so happy. Don’t they grow fast, though?
    The only beer can that caught my eye is the Goose IPA, the green can in the bottom. I like Goose Island beer, is that the same one? I also like IPA beers – right now my favorite is called Lagunitas IPA. But I am not a big beer drinker, maybe one can every 3 weeks or so…

  9. Happy Birthday to adorables twins!
    Love the picture of your four grandkids around the table! That is happiness for sure!
    What a beautiful place at the cottage country!
    Sounds you all had a great time there.

    Congratulations to Canada on Rio 2016 Olympics. Just great that Canada has won 13 medals (2 gold, 2 silver, 9 bronze), 12 of them won by women. Congratulations to Andre de Grasse too!

  10. Belated best wishes to the five year olds! Glad to see you have been having fun (and Kawartha Dairy ice cream...yum). Not sure about the cane and the walker comment however, must read back a bit to try and find out why? I haven't been online since June so have some catching up to do!


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