Sunday, 11 September 2016

Sky Show

Did you miss me? Awwww, thanks! I've been a wayward blogger for a few weeks, partly due to extreme laziness, and partly due to the fact that I have spent too many air-conditioned days hiding from the hottest July and August recorded, and recovering from hip surgery at the same time, therefore not being inspired to blog.
But now I'm out and about and determined to mend my ways.
The sky..... a couple of evenings ago.
First this:
 Then this:
 And three minutes later, this:


  1. Glad you are out and about again Shammickite. Hope your hip is working well, I guess you have to be exercising quite a lot these days. Love your sunset photos they're tremendous shots.

  2. Welcome back with an eyefull of your skyfull.

  3. You were missed.
    I hope your recovery is going well - and love those sky shots. Thank you.

  4. So good to see you again. Glad you are out and about. You came back on a glorious note with those photos!

  5. Glad you're back. Great photos of the sunset. What wonderful skies........

    You wanted encouragement to finish knitting a sock! Take this as encouragement and put a photo of the finished pair on your blog!
    That encouragement enough?
    Maggie x

  6. So good you are back blogging! I was also hiding from the heat in August.
    Those photos are gorgeous!

  7. Welcome back Shammy. I have missed you. Seems your recovery is well on its way.
    The skies are stunning.
    God is the Master Artist.

  8. I am glad you are back blogging, Shammie! Sure, I miss you!!
    Soooo glad also you are recovering from your hip surgery.
    Gorgeous photos!
    Lots of hugs.


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