Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Probability of Precipitation

It's June, almost July, and here in my little corner of Canada we have had only two really hot (over 30C) summer days when I needed to turn on the AC. May was cool and rainy, and so far June has been a washout. And the forecast isn't good for the Canada 150 celebrations next weekend. Cool and rainy again.
Yesterday we had violent thunderstorms all day.....
.... lots of torrential rain, wind and then hailstones.
At least the grass is nice and green and I haven't had to water my beans all week! Yes, I'm thinking positive thoughts.


  1. Oh that's not too good Shammi, hopefully you'll get a bit of real summer weather at some point! I can't believe there are still some people who deny climate change!

  2. Only two hot days, that is incredible!. Breathe easy now, and best wishes for the coming days!

  3. I do hope the weather won't ruin the celebrations.
    Crazy hail in June.
    love the vivid green of the grass.

  4. Always the optimist, Shammickite!

  5. The weather has been weird here too. We get most of our precipitation in winter. Not this year. And while chilly, it hasn't been cold. Half a dozen frosts? Maybe ten?

  6. Dang! Watch your head. :-)

  7. Don't want those hailstones! I remember storms where hailstones dented cars to make them almost totally useless! We were in a very dry and hot period and everything was turning dead and brown. Then, it started raining. It's been raining most every day, sometimes only late afternoon for a brief period, but all is good and green. Of course, in central Florida, too much rain means the water washes down into the soil and washes away the soil from the huge limestone rocks and that often brings on sinkholes!

    BTW, my new blog isn't working, so I've gone back today to Ocala. Thanks for your note! Stay safe.


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