Sunday, 9 July 2017


Saturday dawned dull and grey with a threat of showers, but by noon the sun came out. A $20 ticket bought me a tour of 6 lovely gardens in the hamlet of Claremont, and a stop at the Claremont Masonic Hall for freshly baked scones, home made strawberry jam and a cuppa tea served in elegant bone china cups and saucers.
The gardens varied from grand and exquisitely manicured without a single blade of grass out of place, to small and humble and obviously a work of love.

This garden on a 2 acre lot featured a magnificent six tier waterfall and pond. Lots of mature trees, and at the top of the slope was a fire pit surrounded by comfy Muskoka chairs and a grassy labyrinth to walk around, which of course I did!

Across the road was an enormous house with a spectacular back garden. A large pool with a cabana surrounded by stone walkways, a flagstone outdoor living room, a pavilion, an outdoor bar with a huge flat screen TV (Blue Jays were playing!) and a fireplace with a roof, all beautifully landscaped..... everything you need to spend the summer outdoors, no need to go into the house at all! I didn't take any pictures, sorry, it was all a bit overwhelming and more like visiting an expensive resort and spa than somebody's private back yard. I prefer simpler living, but I certainly wouldn't say no to a swim in their beautiful pool! More gardens to come......


  1. What a very enjoyable way to spend the day Shammi, very much worthy of the 20 dollar ticket and made more pleasant by the sun shining down on you.. perfect!

  2. It sounds like a wonderful experience, Shammickite. Love to visit oher gardens!

  3. Ooooh.
    How I would have loved to join you.
    Loved these gardens (even if I couldn't recreate them) and am looking forward to more. I know what you mean about simpler living - but I do like to see how the other half (more like 1 percent) lives.

  4. Gardens, tea and scones--perfect!

  5. Sounds like a perfect Summer Sunday afternoon.

  6. I wish someone would landscape our garden. They look beautiful. Glad you had fun.

  7. It sounds like you really enjoyed your day. Nice photos!
    I've done a couple of those in a nearby town. It was pretty obvious that I don't know much about gardening.


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