Sunday, 22 April 2018

Earth Day Poop Rant

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It's Earth Day today. We all need to take care of whatever tiny corner of the planet we live in. I try to recycle and reuse everything that I can, but there's still a small bag of garbage to be picked up every couple of weeks. Mostly plastic stuff that can't be recycled which makes me feel very guilty.
I'm looking after my granddog Tessa this weekend. We just went out for a nice walkies, especially enjoyable as the sky is blue and the sun is shining for the first time for a couple of weeks. My pockets always have at least 3 recyclable poop bags tucked away, in case of doggy emergencies. That's the worst thing about dog walking..... picking up that poop! Yuk.

However, I do it, secure the bag, and take it home and put it in the green bin.

But on our walk today, I saw five, YES FIVE!, used squished poop bags, full of you-know-what, tied and thrown in the bushes. Disgusting and nasty! Surely, if you can be bothered to pick up your dog's poop in a recyclable bag, you can find the energy to carry it home and dispose of it responsibly.
Come on dog owners, do your bit to keep our neighbourhood clean!

Rant over.


  1. Oh I absolutely agree Shammi, there's nothing worse, well there probably is, than dog poo on the path and as you say if they can be bothered to pick it up they should follow through the whole way!

  2. People are absolutely thoughtless.

  3. We have our grand-dog this weekend too. We love her to pieces but the poop patrol, on walks and around the house is yucky. We do it tough. We rant about irresponsible dog owners too.

    Enjoy the sun!!

  4. Sigh. One day is not enough. If only we realised that every day is, or should be, Earth Day.
    And another sigh for the inconsiderate oxygen thieves who walk the streets.

  5. We see that here too. People pick up the poop then leave it there in the bag on the trail. I can't stand it along with lots of other people. Lazy people!

  6. I wonder what these peoples' houses and cars look like? I'd guess they're not full of poop, though. With a dog comes responsibility. Somehow some dog owners never got the message! And that's just plain crappy!

  7. Thinking of you and all your fellow Torontonians after the terrible act the other day. Sending my thoughts and well wishes your way, Shammie. <3

  8. Hello. I am having problems with automatic page translation today. I do not know what happened. I copied your post and translated it into a Google translator. You're right, if you care about the environment you have to do it to the end. Pepa, thank you for greeting Tessa. I greet you both cordially.

  9. Human activities like non-stop consumption and development with greed have damaged this precious blue marble planet. I’d like to believe people’s constant responsible conducts, even if small, will make a change. In my neighborhood, almost every person who walks a dog carries a small bag to take care of the dog’s dropping during the walk. It’s not only manner but also responsibility of a dog owner.


  10. I don't understand this type of behaviour either. Why bother to pick up the poop and then throw it in the bushes? Makes no sense.

    Happy Earth Day!

  11. At least the dog owners picked up the pooh! Here in the UK when I go out front to cut our grass, our lawn is covered in dog poop and it makes me livid!


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