Wednesday, 20 June 2018


I'm taking a short break...... I've started making long lists and collecting things that need to go into the suitcase.
Yep.... there are piles of clothes all over the place, and I'm busy doing laundry, clearing out the food in the fridge, changing money, making phone calls, arranging a ride to the airport.
I'll be in England for a week, then Scotland for 12 days with the Men of Note Concert Tour.  I'm definitely not singing, I'm just a hanger on.
I bought a new rain jacket as it always rains in Scotland, but the weather forecast for the area in England where I'll be is HOT! I hope it's not too hot, I wilt in the heat.


  1. I wilt in the heat, too!
    I'll have to make sure and check back more often to read about your trip! I'm going to London September. My 1st trip across the pond. My niece is studying abroad and asked me to join her a few days before she starts her semester.

  2. Have a fab time Shammi.. good idea re raincoat, every single time I've been to Scotland it rained ☺

  3. It's lovely and hot and sunny here in the South of England. In fact we need some rain. Not something you'll here a Brit saying very often.

    Have a lovely time!

  4. Sounds like a delightful trip and one I would like to be taking. Enjoy!

  5. I have an English Flickr contact who has quite a garden and is bemoaning the heat and dryness. I think he said that a weather change was expected.

  6. Lots of things to do before departure. But I think packing is a part of an exciting tour. Hope nice weather will be on your side. I also wilt in heat; I feel refreshed in rain if not so heavy and not too long. Have a nice vacation.


  7. Warm here today and getting hotter next week, no rain in sight. But I'd take that raincoat anyway!


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