Sunday, 3 June 2018

On the Roof

When I first moved here, the cable TV from the previous occupants was still hooked up and working, so I continued to use it for over a year until the cable company came knocking on my door and disconnected it. Spoilsports!
So I decided that cable TV was far too expensive to pay for all those channels showing TV programmes that I don't want to watch, so up went the antenna on the roof.

It's connected through my TiVo, and I  have a choice of about 25 channels.... most of which I never turn on, they are either religious, or in a different language, or ancient American TV shows that I'm not interested in.
CBC, CTV, PBS and TVO provide everything that I want to watch.
I share Netflix with OlderSon.
And I can follow the sadly dwindling fortunes of the BlueJays on MLB.TV via Chromecast.
So I have lots to entertain me.

Next was the internet.... which I can get through a private internet provider for less than half price of my previous monthly bill. Then it was time to get rid of the land phone line and sign up for VOIP internet phone..... after an initial outlay of money to get started, just top up the account two or three times a year. Definitely a lot cheaper than any of the major phone companies.

I've been successfully using these innovative systems for 3 or 4 years now. It all works just fine! Thank goodness for YoungerSon who has helped me connect all this technical stuff, I would have never been able to negotiate through this minefield by myself.


  1. It sounds like it works perfectly for you. Bet there are real savings that way!

  2. It's really nice to have a child with such skills. We do, also, but he lives in Texas. However, once a year he comes over this way and fixes the things I've screwed up over the months!

  3. Hooray for Younger Son.
    After crawling round on the floor trying (I hope successfully) to address PC woes this morning I longed to have such a person in my life.

  4. Sounds like you have it worked out perfectly Shammi. Must admit I'd be technically lost without Aimee and P. I don't watch much TV either mostly English dramas, I'm addicted to re-runs of David Suchet as Poirot ☺

  5. It has all become so expensive. We have discontinued our land line for cell phones, and our satellite tv coverage. So we pay somewhat less, even though the cell phones are expensive.

  6. I watch so little television, especially in summer, that there's no point in getting cable. I watch the few programs I want by computer.

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  8. Your techie stuff sounds wonderful. We have to do something about all of our systems too. Too much money going out and not enough coming in....
    Thanks for commenting on my blog post...
    I think my "girls" are lovely too.
    The party was wonderful and boy were we pooped.
    I think the dismantling and putting things away is the hardest means all the fun is over!
    I believe the school students number a bit over 2000.
    It really is a great school with high academics and the fine arts excel too.

  9. As a person of economy, I’m so happy for you as if my things. My husband has a contract with a regional broadband using optical fiber. I’m satisfied with fast internet access, affordable monthly pay, helps from kind and friendly stuffs. I don’t watch TV so often, but I can find a program fitting my interests from a wide range of channels. Family is a team; your sons are nice for technical support.


  10. Sounds like you have a good setup with technology. Like your picture — also like blues. I, too, have continued to use Antenna tv — receive all the major U.S. networks and numerous other station in addition to a number of other foreign languages other than English. View some occasional good movies plus do use Netflix occasionally. We had to keep our landline when my husband living as that system was necessary for his periodic Pacemaker checks. After he was gone I’ve kept it because the emergency 911 here in U.S. is most timely and efficient on the landline. If a person can’t speak or is unintelligible, but manages to call 911 they can tell where person is — not so on cell phones. Also with cell there can be delay with call going to one site, then having to be transferred to another. I actually had that latter experience. My son has me on his cell phone plan so I do get a reduced rate there.


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