Friday, 8 June 2018

Painting en Plein Air

Yesterday I joined some of my painting group and we went into the green Ontario countryside, armed with chairs, easels, water bottles, paints and canvases to do some outdoor painting, something I'd never tried before.
We went to a secluded spot which used to be farmland before the Federal Government took it over to build an airport that never happened (and I hope it never will, long story!). The trees have grown tall in the past 30 years, and the land is overgrown.
I set up my chair and easel in the shade, put on my big floppy sunhat, and stated to sketch, and then paint. Our instructor said only use 6 colours (a warm blue, red and yellow, and a cool blue, red and yellow) and white.
It wasn't easy, so much detail, so many shades of green, so many trees to choose from, how to fit those huge trees into a small canvas. And then there are the bugs, mosquitoes, ants, the breeze, the sun drying the paints, the moving shadows, so different from painting indoors.
But the sunshine, the clouds, the birdsong all combined to make it a fun experience. I'd do it again. Here's my basic painting.... lots more to do on it.


ann @ studiohyde said...

I love could easily remain exactly as is, but I will still work on it. Painting outside is one of the things I surprised myself on...never had done it (apart from sketches) but once I got into it, it was like opening pandora's box. Every opportunity, I like to paint outside. Okay, I do finish them at home. I don't think you can always complete work in the field as it were and it is best to step away from the 'main subject' - we can never 'compete' with perfection. It also allows you to see the painting in its own right and work With the painting....can't wait to see your work :)

Anvilcloud said...

Except for the bugs, it sounds pleasant and looks good too.

Marie Smith said...

Love the work so far. The insects would have done me in!

William Kendall said...

Beautifully done!

Elephant's Child said...

I am super impressed. It looks lovely - and may have opened up a whole new avenue for you.
Why the limited palette? Did the instructor tell you?

Lowell said...

I would probably take this to some national art museum and insist that they hang it! Nicely done. If you're going to do more to it, you will then have to a comparison shot. OK?

Tomoko said...

Your painting is so lovely.
I do not do painting, but I always love to see any kind of paintings.
I am really interested in your instructor's advice. It must be a meaningful suggestion. I would be happy if I get to know about it.

Have a good day.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

What a lovely experience Shammi, hopefully this area is safe forever now, let's hope no-one in the government remembers that it's there! I loooove your painting, I like it exactly as it is, but it's never easy knowing when to stop!

LL Cool Joe said...

It must be a very different experience painting out doors. I'm glad it was a fun one!