Friday, 22 March 2019

Things Happen in Threes

It's been a rough week. They say things happen in threes, sometimes good things, but more often bad things, but sometimes the bad things get resolved with good things. My week so far...
  1. The rear wheel of my car started getting really hot, made some nasty noises and smelled like hot metal. A quick phone call to the local garage, and I took the car in to have the brakes looked at. Brake pads, caliper, rotor, an unexpected cost. The good result: I was able to get the car looked at very fast and my car is safe and roadworthy again.
  2. A trip with friends to the city to see "Jersey Boys". As soon as I got off the train I started having difficulty breathing and felt dizzy. I was able to enjoy the theatre performance but felt pretty bad about making my friends worry about me. Two of my friends insisted I needed medical help and took me to the hospital where I was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia.... again! The good result: An overnight stay at the hospital. Electro-cardioversion put my heart back on sinus rhythm and I'm back to normal. Plus we all got to enjoy "Jersey Boys". And I'm so blessed to have such good friends.
  3. Now I have developed the worst head cold I've had for years. Thank you to OlderSon who gave it to me! Runny eyes, drippy nose, plugged ears, marathon sneezes, lifeless brain. The good result: I can't think of anything right now, other than thank goodness I stocked up with Kleenex.


  1. Oh my goodness, Shammie, what a week you have had.
    I'm glad your brakes got resolved and your heart issue got fixed too. I'm glad you were with friends too.
    Head cold not so good...hope you can get well asap! Hubby and I are feeling a bit under the weather our selves...mostly throat stuff...not fun...maybe its just the pollen explosion this time of year.

  2. What a week but at least you got good results. Hope you recover from your cold soon.

  3. Hot tea and chicken soup would be advisable.

  4. Oh what a week Shammi! Thank heaven for every negative there was a positive! I hope the head cold doesn't hang around before you run out of Kleenex! Your luck can only go up now, premium time to buy a lotto ticket.. and when you win you can head over to Perth for a visit 😉 take care of yourself ✨

  5. You've just reminded me I need to get my Jeep brakes sorted. Last time I left them too late. Get well soon.

  6. Oh goodness - I really hope you feel better!

  7. Oh yeah, that's a bad cold. I'e had it for a week, and although I am mostly better, my voice is still affected.

  8. Oh no! What an awful week! The good thing is that it's over. Next week will surely be better!
    Take care of that cold.

  9. OMG, Shammie! Say it isn't so! I'm so sorry you had such a rough week! I hope it's gotten better. Sending good thoughts your way from across the continent.

    1. Oh look here's a stranger commenting on my blog! Hi Madretz, where have you been?


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