Monday, 25 March 2019

Lady Day

Today - March 25 - is Lady Day
It's one of the four Quarter Days of the old English Calendar. 
The Quarter Days are March 25 - Lady Day also the Feast of the Annunciation in the Christian calendar; June 24 - Midsummer Day also the Feast of St John the Baptist; September 29 - Michaelmas Day also the Feast of St Michael and All Angels; December 25 - Christmas Day.

Quarter days were the four dates in each year when servants were hired, school terms started, and rents were due. Debts and unresolved lawsuits were not allowed to linger on, and accounts had to be settled. Leasehold payments and land rents are often still due on the old English Quarter Days. 

Just to confuse the issue, there are also four Cross-Quarter Days falling between the Quarter Days. These are February 2 - Candlemas; May 1 - May Day; August 1 - Lammas; November 1 - All Hallows Day.

Lady Day was the traditional day when long-term contracts between landowners and tenant farmers would begin and end. Farming families who were changing farms would often travel to their new farm on Lady Day. It roughly coincides with the Spring Equinox, signifying a new beginning.

So have a Happy Lady Day!!


  1. Twas also New Years in the old Celtic tradition. Tolkien used it as New Year in the LOTR trilogy. And more importantly, it's Sue's birthday.

  2. These were important days for our ancestors!

  3. The first thing that came to mind for me with that title was Billie Holiday.

  4. Got to love all Ye Olde English traditions Shammi, you'd have to keep a calendar though, hard to remember 😉

  5. Lady Day is new to me but my wife heard of it.

  6. I immediately thought of Billie Holiday, too — a day to celebrate her and jazz.

  7. I never heard of this day before. Very interesting...thanks for the information.
    It would be nice if a few of my debts were "taken care of".
    Have a wonderful day.

  8. Un saludo desde Andalucía España


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