Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Who was that Masked Man?

We have been having some fun making African Masks from cardboard.... but I'm pretty sure no genuine African would ever want to be associated with this face!
First layer upon layer of cardboard, with walnut halves for eyes.
 Then cover it all in white and black gesso.
 And the finished product, painted in red, white and black, with some glittery sparkling "diamonds" from the dollar store. The bird perched on his forehead signifies wisdom, according to Ashanti legend.
He's going to be part of our AAP Collective Art Show in April, along with masks made by some of the others in the group. We're also making some clay masks. They are currently drying and will be fired next week. Definitely creating this is way out of my normal comfort zone. But it's fun!


  1. Great job and I like the colors. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Interesting to get an idea how you did this project. Great job.

  3. That is pretty impressive, I love it!

  4. Enjoyed seeing how it evolved from start to finish Shammi, he's pretty fabulouso! Looking forward to seeing the clay masks ✨

  5. No, answer your question about my In Laws....
    Hubby's Mom was a San Francisco. CA native and his Dad was from Upstate New York.
    They ended up in Nicaragua for their work..Mom as a private nurse and Dad stationed there in the Army.

  6. I love the bird on his head and the colours too. A fun project!

  7. I would totally do this with you if i lived in Ontario.


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