Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Let's Go Blue Jays!

Our first Major League baseball game of the season and it snowed all day! I thought baseball was a summer game..... obviously I was mistaken. This is what we woke up to.

It was YoungerSon's birthday, so for a birthday treat the whole family met downtown at the Rogers Centre to watch the Toronto Blue Jays take on the Detroit Tigers. OlderSon arrived with a chocolate birthday cake, paper plates and plastic forks so we had our own birthday party up there in the 500 level! You get a great view from up so high. It was the first time the twins had been to a game, and they loved it.... and behaved really well!
 It was a good game.... started off slowly but got pretty exciting towards the end. The Tigers scored 3 in the top of the seventh, then the Jays retaliated with 3 including a home run in the bottom of the 8th. 3 - 3 at the end of the 9th. They went to the 11th inning, when Detroit scored in the top of the inning, but the Jays just couldn't catch up. Final score Jays 3, Tigers 4.
Better luck next time.

Let's Go Blue Jays! CHAAAAAARGE!!!!!!!!


  1. What a wonderful event to attend for a birthday. Glad everyone enjoyed the game.

  2. How fun to celebrate the birthday in the "nosebleed" section. It really doesn't matter...you were with family and could see everything.
    Spring and a blizzard don't seem to go together...hope the sun finally makes it's appearance for you.
    Today we did get the predicted rain, at least it's not stormy but it just keeps dripping...

  3. What a great way to celebrate a birthday. Treats for all.

  4. Hopefully they have a good season.

  5. What a great way to celebrate a birthday.

  6. Oooooh! So close! Next time Blue Jays 😊 That was an exciting birthday party location Shammi ✨

  7. Great birthday outing. Same thing happens here of course - as soon as the cricket season begins the weather takes a turn for the worse.

  8. Back in the day, we lived closer to Detroit, so I cheered for them more than the Jays when they met.

  9. Glad you enjoyed the game despite the loss. Baseball is a favorite sport of mine.

  10. We caught a blue jay on our security cam at the hideway. :)
    Now that Kevin Pillar is in SF, are the Giants your 2nd favorite team? Or very least favorite team for stealing him away?

    1. I am definitely mourning the loss of Kevin Pillar!

  11. I think the closest I've got to watching baseball is Kevin Costner's Field of Dreams. And rounders, of course... :-)


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